Avoiding mean Associations

Kural - 451
The great of soul will mean association fear;
The mean of soul regard mean men as kinsmen dear.
Meaning : (True) greatness fears the society of the base; it is only the low - minded who will regard them as friends.
Kural - 452
The waters' virtues change with soil through which they flow;
As man's companionship so will his wisdom show.
Meaning : As water changes (its nature), from the nature of the soil (in which it flows), so will the character of men resemble that of their associates.
Kural - 453
Perceptions manifold in men are of the mind alone;
The value of the man by his companionship is known.
Meaning : The power of knowing is from the mind; (but) his character is from that of his associates.
Kural - 454
Man's wisdom seems the offspring of his mind;
'Tis outcome of companionship we find.
Meaning : Wisdom appears to rest in the mind, but it really exists to a man in his companions.
Kural - 455
Both purity of mind, and purity of action clear,
Leaning no staff of pure companionship, to man draw near.
Meaning : Chaste company is the staff on which come, these two things, viz, purity of mind and purity of conduct.
Kural - 456
From true pure-minded men a virtuous race proceeds;
To men of pure companionship belong no evil deeds.
Meaning : To the pure-minded there will be a good posterity. By those whose associates are pure, no deeds will be done that are not good.
Kural - 457
Goodness of mind to lives of men increaseth gain;
And good companionship doth all of praise obtain.
Meaning : Goodness of mind will give wealth, and good society will bring with it all praise, to men.
Kural - 458
To perfect men, though minds right good belong,
Yet good companionship is confirmation strong.
Meaning : Although they may have great (natural) goodness of mind, yet good society will tend to strengthen it.
Kural - 459
Although to mental goodness joys of other life belong,
Yet good companionship is confirmation strong.
Meaning : Future bliss is (the result) of goodness of mind; and even this acquires strength from the society of the good.
Kural - 460
Than good companionship no surer help we know;
Than bad companionship nought causes direr woe.
Meaning : There is no greater help than the company of the good; there is no greater source of sorrow than the company of the wicked.