The Correction of Faults

Kural - 431
Who arrogance, and wrath, and littleness of low desire restrain,
To sure increase of lofty dignity attain.
Meaning : Truly great is the excellence of those (kings) who are free from pride, anger, and lust.
Kural - 432
A niggard hand, o'erweening self-regard, and mirth
Unseemly, bring disgrace to men of kingly brith.
Meaning : Avarice, undignified pride, and low pleasures are faults in a king.
Kural - 433
Though small as millet-seed the fault men deem;
As palm tree vast to those who fear disgrace 'twill seem.
Meaning : Those who fear guilt, if they commit a fault small as a millet seed, will consider it to be as large as a palmyra tree.
Kural - 434
Freedom from faults is wealth; watch heedfully
'Gainst these, for fault is fatal enmity.
Meaning : Guard against faults as a matter (of great consequence; for) faults are a deadly enemy.
Kural - 435
His joy who guards not 'gainst the coming evil day,
Like straw before the fire shall swift consume away.
Meaning : The prosperity of him who does not timely guard against faults, will perish like straw before fire.
Kural - 436
Faultless the king who first his own faults cures, and then
Permits himself to scan faults of other men.
Meaning : What fault will remain in the king who has put away his own evils, and looks after the evils of others.
Kural - 437
Who leaves undone what should be done, with niggard mind,
His wealth shall perish, leaving not a wrack behind.
Meaning : The wealth of the avaricious man, who does not expend it for the purposes for which he ought to expend it will waste away and not continue.
Kural - 438
The greed of soul that avarice men call,
When faults are summed, is worst of all.
Meaning : Griping avarice is not to be reckoned as one among other faults; (it stands alone - greater than all).
Kural - 439
Never indulge in self-complaisant mood,
Nor deed desire that yields no gain of good.
Meaning : Let no (one) praise himself, at any time; let him not desire to do useless things.
Kural - 440
If, to your foes unknown, you cherish what you love,
Counsels of men who wish you harm will harmless prove.
Meaning : If (a king) enjoys, privately the things which he desires, the designs of his enemies will be useless.