Kural - 841
Want of knowledge, 'mid all wants the sorest want we deem;
Want of other things the world will not as want esteem.
Meaning : The want of wisdom is the greatest of all wants; but that of wealth the world will not regard as such.
Kural - 842
The gift of foolish man, with willing heart bestowed, is nought,
But blessing by receiver's penance bought.
Meaning : (The cause of) a fool cheerfully giving (something) is nothing else but the receiver's merit (in a former birth).
Kural - 843
With keener anguish foolish men their own hearts wring,
Than aught that even malice of their foes can bring.
Meaning : The suffering that fools inflict upon themselves is hardly possible even to foes.
Kural - 844
What is stupidity? The arrogance that cries,
'Behold, we claim the glory of the wise.'
Meaning : What is called want of wisdom is the vanity which says, "We are wise".
Kural - 845
If men what they have never learned assume to know,
Upon their real learning's power a doubt 'twill throw.
Meaning : Fools pretending to know what has not been read (by them) will rouse suspicion even as to what they have thoroughly mastered.
Kural - 846
Fools are they who their nakedness conceal,
And yet their faults unveiled reveal.
Meaning : Even to cover one's nakedness would be folly, if (one's) faults were not covered (by forsaking them).
Kural - 847
From out his soul who lets the mystic teachings die,
Entails upon himself abiding misery.
Meaning : The fool who neglects precious counsel does, of his own accord, a great injury to himself.
Kural - 848
Advised, he heeds not; of himself knows nothing wise;
This man's whole life is all one plague until he dies.
Meaning : The fool will not perform (his duties) even when advised nor ascertain them himself; such a soul is a burden (to the earth) till it departs (from the body).
Kural - 849
That man is blind to eyes that will not see who knowledge shows;-
The blind man still in his blind fashion knows.
Meaning : One who would teach a fool will (simply) betray his folly; and the fool would (still) think himself "wise in his own conceit".
Kural - 850
Who what the world affirms as false proclaim,
O'er all the earth receive a demon's name.
Meaning : He who denies the existence of what the world believes in will be regarded as a demon on earth.