Knowing the Quality of Hate

Kural - 871
For Hate, that ill-conditioned thing not e'en in jest.
Let any evil longing rule your breast.
Meaning : The evil of hatred is not of a nature to be desired by one even in sport.
Kural - 872
Although you hate incur of those whose ploughs are bows,
Make not the men whose ploughs are words your foes!
Meaning : Though you may incur the hatred of warriors whose ploughs are bows, incur not that of ministers whose ploughs are words.
Kural - 873
Than men of mind diseased, a wretch more utterly forlorn,
Is he who stands alone, object of many foeman's scorn.
Meaning : He who being alone, incurs the hatred of many is more infatuated than even mad men.
Kural - 874
The world secure on his dexterity depends,
Whose worthy rule can change his foes to friends.
Meaning : The world abides in the greatness of that good-natured man who behaves so as to turn hatred into friendship.
Kural - 875
Without ally, who fights with twofold enemy o'ermatched,
Must render one of these a friend attached.
Meaning : He who is alone and helpless while his foes are two should secure one of them as an agreeable help (to himself).
Kural - 876
Whether you trust or not, in time of sore distress,
Questions of diff'rence or agreement cease to press.
Meaning : Though (one's foe is) aware or not of one's misfortune one should act so as neither to join nor separate (from him).
Kural - 877
To those who know them not, complain not of your woes;
Nor to your foeman's eyes infirmities disclose.
Meaning : Relate not your suffering even to friends who are ignorant of it, nor refer to your weakness in the presence of your foes.
Kural - 878
Know thou the way, then do thy part, thyself defend;
Thus shall the pride of those that hate thee have an end.
Meaning : The joy of one's foes will be destroyed if one guards oneself by knowing the way (of acting) and securing assistance.
Kural - 879
Destroy the thorn, while tender point can work thee no offence;
Matured by time, 'twill pierce the hand that plucks it thence.
Meaning : A thorny tree should be felled while young, (for) when it is grown it will destroy the hand of the feller.
Kural - 880
But breathe upon them, and they surely die,
Who fail to tame the pride of angry enemy.
Meaning : Those who do not destroy the pride of those who hate (them) will certainly not exist even to breathe.