ADC, The Broadband Company is a telecommunications global leader in innovative broadband networks and applications. ADC offers high-quality, value-added solutions of network equipment, software and systems integration services that enable communications service providers to deliver high-speed Internet, data, video and voice services to consumers and businesses worldwide. ADC is a US$ 900 million organization with over 6,500 employees worldwide. ADC has Sales, Manufacturing and Development offices in more than 35 countries and sells to more than 90 countries. Learn more about ADC Telecommunications, Inc. at


ADC (India) Communications and Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (ADC India), is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADC Telecommunications, Inc. It started its operations in November 2001. It is a captive software product development, testing, maintenance and support services center for various ADC business and corporate units worldwide. It employs some of best talent in the Indian software and services industry.


ADC's office in Bangalore, India

ADC India's Work Culture

We have a very open and pragmatic work culture that nicely blends company goals and employee welfare. Our philosophy is "work hard and smart and enjoy your life here".
Our flexible work hours enable our employees to manage their own time to create an optimum overlap with their counterparts in any part of the globe and meet their committed delivery schedules. We do our best to make life better for our employees while they do their best to contribute to the company's goals. We are constantly trying to work for the combined good of the company and its employees.


We have an excellent performance management and personal development process. This enables each employee to identify key expertise and skills required for meeting their (and the company's) goals. It enables them to plan a training-cum-self learning program to equip themselves for the identified expertise and skills. We believe that an empowered employee is the greatest asset to the company.


We are creating a team that is capable of conceptualizing, creating and supporting world- class products and services. Our people demonstrate a lot of initiative, energy, ownership and conviction in their everyday lives. We believe that we can be amongst the best in the world and welcome all like-minded people to join us in our quest.


ADC India, Lab and Workstations

Existing Teams at ADC India

ADC India works with multiple ADC business and corporate units worldwide. These teams work as an integral part of a worldwide, multi-location, product engineering and support team.


The Element Management Platform Team

ADC India has a product engineering team for the Element Management Platform Unit (EMPU). The EMPU group provides a common element management platform for a variety of ADC's network elements across different ADC business units. The EMPU team is spread across Tustin, California; Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Bangalore, India.


The SNMP Agent Team

ADC India has another product engineering team for developing and supporting the SNMP Agent for the Wireless Connectivity (Digivance) Group of ADC.


The Global IT Team

ADC India has another team that is an integral part of the ADC's Global IT group. This team is involved in development, enhancement and maintenance of several enterprise applications that are deployed to support ADC's business groups worldwide.


The SingleView Global Consulting Services Team

A new team is being established for ADC's SingleView Billing and Customer Care product's Global Consulting Services group. This team will support SingleView customers and partners in India and AsiaPacific.