Staying connected with the corporate climate in the country is a must-do for every aspiring entrepreneur and b–school apprentice.

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Staying connected with the corporate climate in the country is a must-do for every aspiring entrepreneur and b–school apprentice. With pioneering technologies and phenomenal new trends sweeping the IT landscape, Gartner Inc. has identified that top ten tech trends for 2014 that will change the course of strategic technology for every corporate player and business houses in the country. This realistic list of technology trends are predicted to have the biggest potential for remarkable enterprise impact throughout 2014 and beyond. Here’s a sneak peek into these top rankers.

The boom of 3 Dimensional printing:

In spite of being a recent phenomenon, the concept of 3D printing in India is going to rocket its way to being one of the most promising and fast growing tech trends in the country. With the whopping statistic confirming 75 per cent growth in 2014 alone, this technology is set to change the course of business in India. With the prospective to cut cost, boost productivity and fasten manufacturing it is set to revolutionize industries such as consumer good segment, aerospace, pharmaceutical, retailing and military. The number of unit shipments is forecasted to double in 2015.

The clutches of Internet deepens

The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is set to bombard the notion of how conventional business is perceived in the country. Though still taking baby-steps, IoT has already snuck its way into mega enterprises that are test-running this concept into their business models, applications and technologies. Promising tangible value to business ventures, IoT has the capacity to augment the functionalities in these three core areas – digital supply chain, consumer interaction and operational technology.


The rise of the smart machines

With machines slowly yet swiftly replacing manpower, the machine to machine (M2M) market in India is racing on an upwards trajectory. The next few years are going to be the most transitional and promising phase for the rise of smart machines as businesses are evaluating the usage of M2M enabled solutions to boost their productivity and meet the growing demands. The early birds to adopt these trends are utilities, automotive, financial services, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. So, for those aspiring entrepreneur looking to earn big and fast, take note, as by 2020 smart machines will become the most disruptive yet productive in the history of information technology.

Massive cloud services

By architecting their own cloud and designing database centers, major players like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Walmart are leading the way in setting trends and taking the concept of cloud spacing many notches higher. Indian businesses are following suit by picking cues from these bigwigs and modeling themselves to achieve higher scale, speed and agility by the means of setting up custom server hardware, eco-friendly data centers and distributed computing methods

The dawn of personal cloud

Evolving at the speed of lighting the needs and demands for personal cloud technologies has boomed like never before. With a herd of devices managing businesses and even personal lives in general, the concept of personal cloud will make the management of overall data organization much easier.


With this promising shift, users will be able to balance all their gadgets and gizmos accessible through the common connect of personal cloud

Amazing apps

Given how our lives revolve around mobiles, Gartner Inc, the surveyors have predicted that the future of mobile application environment lies in HTML5 and browser like before, as JavaScript and its performances has kept involving and improving. Smaller more focused apps will witness more popularity in comparison to the multi-integrated all-inclusive loaded apps. Developers are therefore encouraged to focus at creating blocks that can be later assembled to include the demands of various devices.


Mobiles get swankier:

Mobiles devices are all set to get massive makeovers. With inclusion of technologies like no-touch functionality, voice recognition, software users now have hands-free access to unlimited amount of information via apps like Google Now for Android and Siri for iOS. In a different spectrum all together, the video technology for mobile devices is on the verge of its own kind of revolution. With mobiles devices now available with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors that enables 4k videos, the way video and audio are viewed and heard will change forever. Other form factors to take shape this year would be wearable devices, bigger display devices and shared memory and areas. Google, Apple and Microsoft will still remains the key players, though no single vendor might dominate the market.


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