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A ‘like’ instead of a handshake, a ‘comment’ instead of a hug and a ‘post on the wall’ instead of that personal tête-à-tête – that’s how folks meet and greet in today’s digital era. And, this social media craze hasn’t leisurely over decades but has exploded on our generation, literally, revamping every spec of our society – even our very own corporate orb! With 2014 turning out to be a year for many firsts, here’s the latest trends that’s going to contour the social media and digital marketing horizon.

The visual treat:

The most engaging posts online are the visually arresting ones. Irrespective of the age factor, demographic or nature of your consumer, the concept of instantaneous optical engagement is the only means to seize attention and score the desired first impression. Supporting this idea is the statistic stating that 63 per cent of social media is made up of imagery and video content. The likes of Pinterest , Vine and Instagram has boomed and have risen as a medium for featuring info graphics, micro videos, visual posts will keeping it alluring and attractive, making it a dream launch pad for businesses with an edge and bounty of data Gearing to take over the social medium, 2014 will be the year of the visual marketer. So, keep it simple, sharp and catchy to gain visual engagement from your prospective consumer like never before.

Google plus will reign supreme:

Slowly yet steadily taking over the social media landscape, Google + is going to be bigger and better than ever this year.

With an ever swelling user base, the audience interested in social networking are slowly shifting base from the popular networks like Facebook. The latest concept of ad free environment introduced by Google+ has come as a big welcome relief to both the promoters as well as the punters. And, among those looking to market their product or business without shelling a penny, this medium has become an instant favourite.

As with Google+ every update by the marketer makes it to the follower’s feeds, where as the competitors allow only 6% of brand posts to make it to your consumer’s newsfeed. Building brand image and identifying likeminded consumer by the means of connecting to them on an interpersonal level has made Google+ all the more reliable and user friendly. And now, more than ever, with an upgraded search option and a swanky layout, google + is the place to take your business – right now!

Blogging, podcasting and online advertising continue to boom:

Unlike the common notion that blogging has lost its’ footing, blogging – the concept of curating content still remains one of the most influential platform to voice and place your product. With the trend of business blogging continuing in the same force through this year will undoubtedly be the hub to mark your social footprint. With Wordpress flaunting a 63 million blog base and Tumblr a whopping 100 million, it still is the place to create original content and place it front of your customers in the most easy and inexpensive manner.

As for podcasting, a social concept that can be defined as the multimedia file made available online for downloading to a portable media player, the next 12 months will be crucial. While only 5 percent of marketers have engaged in this medium at this point, a solid 24 per cent plan to the bandwagon


Mobiles to go mainstream

Think responsive design, interactive interface and compact yet instant promotion, taking over the social media with such promising feature, cellular medium is going to go massive this year. Connecting with your consumer by the means of a mobile application or via sms or email is the quickest and easiest way to reach out for any product or business. As customers constantly want to connect with their preferred brands and stay updated, the provision of customised content based on their individual behaviour is sure to enhance sale and brand loyalty. Cashing-in on this idea, investing on the possibility of personalising an app according to your customer’s needs and environment is fast picking pace when it comes to interpersonal marketing. Innovative ways to reach your customer via a mobile app is one the top marketing strategy of not just small start –ups but of massive world conglomerates as well.

Daily deals might die

A solid chunk of marketers, 80 percentage to be premise are signing out of daily deal websites this season. With no indication of retreating back to this once popular medium of daily deal marketing model,this sector is sure to take the plunge for the worst.Lack of returns and profits from this format seems to be the reason behind this slack. Marketers also believe that these daily deals concepts, though initially effective, don’t have any long term profitability privilege.With jumbled spaces provided to the products and businesses on these websites, short span of scattered attention from the consumer end has turned out to be a all-loss situation.


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Posted On:  Saturday, 5 July, 2014 - 10:19

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