Android Applications For College Students


Many Android applications are available. Let see the bests!

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Wapedia: Fast access to Wikipedia on your mobile:

Wapedia is the fastest way to access Wikipedia and many more wikis.


  • fast searching in Wikipedia, even on 2G networks.
  • featured Wiki content such as news.
  • alternative wikis (Wikiquote, Uncyclopedia, Wikitravel, wikis about games and TV shows.
  • search widgets for instant wiki search.
  • 150 Wikipedia languages.


Evernote for note taking. Ideal for taking notes, record your thoughts and so on. It is a very handy app can take and attach photos to your notes and save them as you like. You can sync to your online account and your PC both. Countless great feature highly customizable, different notebooks with tags for better organizing. Highly recommended app and it is free folks!

Aldiko eReader:


Free eBook and reader which also support many formats like ePub, also you can read PDF files. Thousands of free books available, mainly classics. Also other books available for a small amount of money. It works similar like Amazons Kindle. Settings are easily set (font size, read mode etc.). Great app for students and everyone who like to read during traveling on public transport.

Facebook for Android:

Probably 99% of the students use it already. If you need the urge to share something but can’t wait until get near to your PC there you go. Recently the app comes pre-installed on your handset (depends on provider).  The app use to be cranky a bit but now its working really smooth and even the chat is usable.

Google Docs for Android:


Anyone who ever used GDocs knows its advantages. Your work will be never lost its refreshment/save every few seconds and available for you on any computer with internet connection. Even if you are not typing your assignments or coursework in GDocs just upload it time to time still a great app for saving. Convert to PDF also very easy with this app. The mobile app gives you an emergency access to your files (normally you do not edit docs on phone I guess).

Recordoid (lite):


This is a great app to take voice notes or record lectures. Recording and listen back material is good method for quicker study. Unfortunately, only there is a liter version available on market.

A free alternative could be Androids built in Voice recorded but this one much better.


If you have a Voipdiscount or Voipbuster (and many more work with it) account, now you can use it in your Android smarthpone! It comes really handy if you make lots of overseas call.

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