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Eloquent educationists and corporate connoisseurs are the movers and shakers of today’s fast-paced and technology-laced society. Carving her outstanding niche in the education sector with a string of innovative institutions and new-age initiatives, Ms Anusha R of Park Institution, Coimbatore is the testament of a young entrepreneur and a dedicated leader. The expertise of Park Institutions run under her esteemed leadership ensure that contemporary, cost-effective and performance driven systems are incorporated to provide education to their alma mater and also promises to promote all round personality, value based learning and high academic standards. Understanding the pulse and importance of education in our country’s overall growth, here’s an exclusive interview with Anusha as she opens up about her institutions that are fully equipped and enabled to produce future leaders and management tycoons.

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  1. Your B-school has accomplished various impressive benchmarks in terms of business education; please tell us a little more about you and your college.
  2. Our vision was to give a global management education and we have been successful in doing that. One of the key elements of the institution is to provide practical exposure and value based education and we have been successful in imparting that.

  3. According to you, how is studying a Management course more beneficial for an aspiring entrepreneur/manager than studying than studying as ordinary Masters in commerce?
  4. Management education can give all round exposure in Finance, Healthcare, International Business, Media & Communication, Marketing, HR, Systems and Operations while in commerce it is confined to fewer topics. To gain overall confidence to run a business management course would be preferred.

  5. MBA is fast becoming a hot favorite among youngsters in the country. Unlike before, when professional degrees such as engineering and medical were given preference. What’s your take on this?
  6. MBA holders have been taken into very high positions and climbing the corporate ladder is much easier with a management degree and lot of MNCs around offer attractive pay packages. It is not a wonder that youngsters consider it as a favorite.



  1. How can MBA help both a corporate job-seeker as well as an aspiring entrepreneur?
  2. In both cases a manager needs to understand a holistic picture of the business and provide solutions and a proper MBA degree can ensure success in both situations. Many institutions like ours have a simulation game to be running a business virtually as part of the curriculum. Such exposures can ensure that the entrepreneur skills of the students are tuned.

  3. For students who aren’t particularly interested in MBA, but are looking for a more specific management course, what are the other options available?
  4. Course like Master of International business or any MBA can give focused specialization on any area like current social media management, health care, information technology, or any such areas. Rest may be diploma or certificate courses that can give them added skills

  5. Does your college offer distance learning? If yes, what are the prospects when compared to a full-time course?
  6. Right now we are not offering, may in future we may consider

  7. At the moment, which are the top five field of management expertise?
  8. Finance, Healthcare, International Business, Media & Communication, Marketing, HR, Systems, Operations and Environmental management

  9. In the corporate world, is an international perspective more essential than a localized knowledge of the national market?


Most certainly it is inevitable that one has to be aware of the international perspective in any business. Today the international products from phones to cars and television have touched every segment in the country. To run any business or be a successful manager, it is important to know international aspects from the day one

  1. How important is it for business students to keep themselves abreast with the present economical and political situation of the country?
  2. Every day political and economical situation fluctuates and brings about lot of changes so it is very important the students keep themselves updated about the situations around

  3. Given how expensive it can be to study in a B-school, what is your suggestion for students who want to study but can't completely afford the cost?
  4. Plenty of scholarships being offered by every Institution these days. They can try to avail scholarship considering it as an investment and education loan is another option

  5. What edge does a student studying in your college have over a student studying overseas?
  6. We have the best practice of east and west methodologies. Whereas the west is only exposed to western practices. Here we expose them to local and global practices. They are constantly exposed to achievers in business, great entrepreneurs such inter action brings out lot of inspiration to the students. We also have additional value added courses like 6sigma, additional languages etc. They go on industrial visit and learn a lot practically and internships are offered.



  1. What kind of professional development activities, such as educational excursion, on-site experience, practical interaction with top honchos are your students exposed to?
  2. They go on industrial visit and learn a lot practically and internships are offered.

  3. As a B-school mentor, how do you prepare you students to face the competitive entrance procedures and the corporate world in general?
  4. They are constantly exposed to case studies from corporate, mock interview conducted by real HR from the industry and individualized training in communication and aptitude ensures competitive advantage to our students

  5. When and how can a student apply to study in your B-school, what are the eligibly and qualification criteria?
  6. We can apply from Sep till May. Any recognized degree with minimum of 50%.

  7. Apart from academic scores, what are the qualities you look for in a prospective student?
  8. The attitude and the fire to succeed

  9. What is the latest trend in B-school education?
  10. Need to have more collaborative and non structured systems of learning to meet current corporate scenario. Newer challenges like ethics in business has given a new awakening to look at grooming managers differently and growth in technology demands understanding of cutting edge technology for example social media etc into the curriculum


  1. With India housing brilliant b-schools which are now in-par with international standards, how do you forecast the future of management studies?
  2. On a global level India will be one of the few countries left with skilled and trained human resources for various jobs and management professionals are not an exception. We are at a time to _____ to global market and having international standards in our B School will ensure bright future for the students

  3. Do you have any additional information that you would like to share?
  4. Many of our students are internationally placed. We are providing global platform for students.

  5. Any words of inspiration or advice for students aspiring to study in your college - the future managers and entrepreneurs?
  6. Small AIM is crime - Dr. APJ Kalam. Regardless of the circumstances one can definitely overcome any possibilities to achieve their dreams. Not working to one's full potential is a crime as Dr.Kalam said.


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