The package is ready – having victoriously finished two-years of intensive management training at the prestigious B-school, the MBA graduate is now packaged to be every bigshot recruiter‘s dream candidate.

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Having earned the corporate edge to be the best among the rest, it’s time for an aspirant to explore the job market’s top career options to help initiate the job hunt! With the interview-calls pouring in and the job market gearing for its new entrants here are the top sectors that an amateur should be looking at:


Investment Banking and Finance

The most traditional option from the ever-swelling list of job avenues for an MBA graduate - the banking sector has been a hot favourite ever since the conception of the degree. Raising capital, initiating acquisitions and mergers, strategic planning and overlooking financial transactions are the roles that fall under the job description of an investment banker. Those good with numbers and a sound specialisation in finance can apply for this sector. With an impressive 12 percent increase in banking jobs estimated over the next ten years, banking is sure to become a prime priority for a fresher looking for a career with handsome salary and promising bonuses.


Marketing and Sales Management

While recruiting for this particular sector of management, the hiring bigwigs look for that ‘spunk factor’ in their candidates. A marketing professional is the voice and face of the business. Responsible to boost and maximize the company’s customer base, sales outcomes, profitability and market reach - a marketing professional weighs in the market trend, identifies opportunities and designs strategies and campaigns. With top salaries and incentives going to these marketing and sales professionals a solid 12 per cent growth in employment opportunities is projected in this sector for the year 2014.

High-end Management Consultation

Steering a corporation in the right direction in order to maintain relevance and competence in the global market is what a management consultant does best. Specifically trained according to the functioning and format of a firm these folks aid in controlling cost, increasing productivity, enhancing worker efficiency and maximising income. A particular genre of specialisation in MBA is not required, but work experience is definitely an added advantage to score a job in this sector. As acting advisors to the Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO) and similar top-rank holders in a firm these analysts earn fairly well. 24 percent employment growth is expected in this sector. An option to freelance as a management consultant is a major bonus as well.

Computing and Information Technology

Any corporate role related to computers - software and hardware, internet and intranet, installation and upgradation, network development and management would fall under this class of job avenue for newcomers.


Also involved in the security and business networking section of the company, this profile demands an MBA graduate who has earned specialisation in Information Systems. Tagged as one of the fastest growing sectors, those interested will be able to branch into system design establishments, healthcare organisations, data processing, software publishing firms, scientific and technical consulting firms. A 17 percent hike is recorded in terms of such jobs available in the market. This sector promises to shell out a handsome package for the right candidate, even if it is at the entry level.

"21 percent increase in fresh MBA graduates renouncing their offered jobs in multinational companies to start their own firms."


Independence and thrill are terms associated with this selection. Being the owner of your own enterprise is a choice that many MBA freshers are making today. Putting your financial resources at stake and taking personal risk, this is the only avenue that allows an individual to thoroughly apply their theoretical knowledge acquired at the b-school into a practical context. Though many remain apprehensive about this risky option, recent surveys have noted 21 percent increase in fresh MBA graduates renouncing the job offered by multinational companies to start their own firms.

With the sheen of management degree beaming brighter with every passing year, an MBA graduate is sure to find their right holding without too much of a wrestle.


Whether it be an entry level job, a direct jump to the top or an own venture - given this plethora of job options, a management newbie will soon be marking their first big corporate impression.



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Author:  buddingmanagers
Posted On:  Tuesday, 10 June, 2014 - 13:14

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