Given the hectic schedule of a B-school student, practicing the knack of time management is the only way to stay ahead of their game and earn that enviable edge

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From running between crowded corridors, wrapping up endless assignments to piling on unquenchable daily chores and battling never-ending bouts of homesickness – the maddening lifestyle of a study -laden college student has become a pitiable state of affair.

With chaos, clutter and clamor becoming the three governing C’s of their lives, how do these future managers and corporate moguls-to-be find the time to evolve, learn and eventually fulfill their teenage dream? So, in an attempt to find the solution to this daunting question, we take a look at the perks of time management and its efficiency in resolving the mess.

We all wish for longer hours and more days per week at some point of our lives or the other. But the fact remains that 168 hours a weeks is all we are ever going to get. So, below are the strategies a management can use and apply to systematically cramp all facets of their lives.

Plan ahead

When you have more work and less time, planning ahead will be the handiest and most resourceful measure you would be taking. A clear account of your hours will not only save you a lot of time and confusion but will also give you clarity and enhance your efficiency. Jotting down a schedule will save your sanity and you might be surprised at the amount of work you can actually get done. Download an app to maintain your schedule on your phone or get yourself an electronic organizer or go the old- school way with a journal and a pen.

Start planning your days in advance, know your strengths and plan accordingly. Make a to-do list and keep jotting down all the assignments, engagements and deadlines as they come so that you don’t miss out on any event or task when you sit down to prioritize and allocate time.

Get your priorities straight

It can get increasingly overwhelming as the pile of things-to-do keep mounting during your days at the B-school. The only way to tackle it head-on is to slot these tasks into doable chunks. Allotting specific time for each chore will keep you on track and organized. Once you have the list of things to be done in your hand, start arranging these tasks order of urgency and importance by ranking them in order of 1-10. Knowing what needs to be done when will get you half way through. Maintain a code of uniformity while prioritizing, take all the facets of your life into consideration. Don’t miss out on your social engagement and family time and allot every second to studies and work obligations. The whole purpose of prioritizing is to strike a balance and get as much as possible done in the given time. Include even the most meager chore in your schedule – like showering, commuting, browsing, socializing, eating, shopping and even sleeping. By doing so, you would be keeping a clear tab of your time which would in turn keep you from getting overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted.

"Being prepared will be your only ticket out to the corporate paradise. Examine yourself, self-analyze and work your schedule around your assets and flaws."


Go easy on yourself

Everyone has a pressure threshold – pushing beyond it would simply mean increased anxiety level and decreased efficient outcomes. The quality of your work gets compromised when you overwork yourself – so go easy. Learn when to decline and take a step back. Learning to multi-task and combine commitments is another great way to manage time and can come as a big relief for weary students. Clubbing trips to the laundry room with a book reading session or using your time on the train to catch a power nap would help tackle two chores at a time. For the ever busy B-school student seeking such opportunities to merge their school, work and social lives to get more work done in the same slot of time would come as a big relief.

Take smarter breaks.

Reward yourself by regularly allotting time for things that you love to do. Pacify your pet peeve and attend to that guilty pleasure. Celebrate every mission accomplished. It might be an assignment well written on grade well scored. Take time out for a pat on your back. Constant self- motivation by the means of smarter breaks will help you to refill your energy and rejuvenate your thought process. Note down every little victory in your planner to reminisce later. Keeping a track of your progress will keep you focused. Remember, unlike your hazy undergrad days, everyone at your B-school is here to learn, excel and overtake you. It is going to a dog-eat-dog environment, where only the best would survive. Having shelled out a huge chunk of money on this dream management course, being prepared will be your only ticket out to the corporate paradise.

Examine yourself, self-analyze and work your schedule around your assets and flaws. Gearing yourself with such fool-proof plan coupled with the zeal to outshine will alone give you an edge over your peers and a nudge to the top.


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Author:  buddingmanagers
Posted On:  Saturday, 5 July, 2014 - 10:35

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