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Rajan Sethi seems to be uncomfortable with comfort zone. The bubbling entrepreneur could have led a cosy life in his father's electronics business. He did spend some time in the family business and went on to become a director in charge of marketing.

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But Mr Sethi soon realised that it was not his cup of tea. In 2007, he set up Bright Hospitality with the dream of making it big in the hospitality industry.Since then, his range of eateries - The Pind Balluchi, The California Boulevard, AM-PM Cafe and The Eternity - in New Delhi's Rajouri Garden have won the hearts of connoisseurs and commoners alike.

An MBA graduate in international business from the Macquarie University, Australia, Mr Sethi is an avid traveller, wild life enthusiast and seasoned mountaineer. He also loves to explore new countries, cultures and cuisines. "I am a god-loving, wifefearing man," Mr Sethi introduces himself to Sharmila Chand and enlivens the informal interview with his typical witty one-liners.

How do you define yourself?

A gypsy by heart, caught between duty and desire

What is your philosophy of life?

Give unconditionally: Love, respect and service.

What is your passion in life?

To redefine the standards of hospitality in India

What is your management mantra?

God lies in the details. A great strategy is useless without flawless execution.



A business leader you admire the most…

Steve Jobs; he redefined four industries in one lifetime!

Your strengths…

Team player, eternal optimist

Your weaknesses…

Sensitive, dreamer

What upsets you easily?

When a guest is unhappy with any aspect of our services

Your kind of music…

Any piece that soothes the soul; I'm language agnostic.

Your kind of a movie…

Inspiring heroic stories of Bat-man, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Neo, Gandhi and Lincoln

Your favourite holiday destination…

Maasai Mara in Africa and the Himalayas in India; nature fascinates me.

How do you de-stress?

Playing with my kids and listening to music


Golf or Bridge or…

Cricket, and in fact, Lagaan based on the sport is a lesson in management.

Formal suit or casual attire…

Smart formals; you don't get a second chance to make the first impression.

You are a 'tough', serious boss or…

Once the vision is agreed upon, I'm just another team player. Hugo Boss is the only boss that I like.

What do you enjoy the most in life, generally?

At work, resolving problems innovatively and at play, spending time with family and friends

Your fitness regime…

Hit the gym every morning with my fitness-conscious wife

Your favourite cuisine…

Anything that my wife makes; I love some of the delicacies that my chefs create out of the blue.


Any favourite place you like to go for dining…

The Taj

Your favourite gadget…

My MacBook; I would be lost without it.

Your mantra for success…

My father's words: "Practise what you preach. Roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty, and your team will always respect you."



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