" The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business."


The basic proposition of our business is simple, solid and timeless. When we bring refreshment, value, joy and fun to our stakeholders, then we successfully nurture and protect our brands, particularly Coca-Cola. That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns to the owners of our business.


The heart and soul of our enterprise have always been our people. Over the past century, Coca-Cola people have led our success by living and working with a consistent set of ideals. While the world and our business will continue to change rapidly, respecting these ideals will continue to be essential to our long-term success.


Nothing is more important to our success than integrity. This begins with insisting on absolute quality for every one of our products, and acting with a strong sense of accountability in everything we do.


Coca-Cola believes that in order to grow one must "Think Local , Act Local". This belief has led us to run a business that is decentralised , agile and responsive to the consumers' needs without compromising on the quality of the organizational fabric that binds the Coca-Cola world together. Coca-Cola is the world's most inclusive brand, and Coca-Cola must also be the world's most inclusive company.




We're more than a beverage company. We're inspired people all over the world, making a difference every day. Our spirit of innovation touches everything we do, from developing new beverages, to building schools and giving back to the communities we serve.


Having re-entered the Indian market in 1993, Coca-Cola today aims to lead the beverage revolution in India by leveraging upon its all pervasive brands - national and international , wide sales & distribution network , sound financial strategies and a work environment that combines the fast-paced, creative atmosphere of an emerging company with all the strength and support of a company that has been around for more than 100 years. Our people demonstrate their excitement and passion to WIN in everything they do, from their work projects to their relationships with consumers and each other.


Our ever-evolving consumer base demands that we cultivate fresh ideas constantly, and that we remain open and flexible to changes in our markets, our communities, and our world. We need energetic, motivated, passionate innovators. If you desire a refreshing break , The Coca-Cola Company invites you to one full of challenges.