CoreObjects is a high-tech business accelerator. We partner with entrepreneurs early in the company's life-cycle and provide the technology platform to take their ideas to market. In many cases, we defer some portion of our fees in exchange for equity in our clients' businesses. This business model ensures that we have a vested interest in getting the business to market quickly and with the right infrastructure. By taking some portion of our fees in equity we are able to reduce our clients' capital requirements significantly. We provide on-time, low-budget rapid delivery of marketable, scalable software applications and services. At CoreObjects, we work with our clients to take their ideas to market, together.



Vision :
CoreObjects will be the platform that enables emerging entrepreneurs to take their ideas to market.

Mission :
Partner with brilliant minds by providing superior technology platforms for emerging entrepreneurs to take their ideas to market; thereby creating value for clients, our employees and our shareholders.

Values :

  • CoreObjects conducts business with the highest sense of integrity.
  • CoreObjects maintains open lines of communications internally and externally.
  • CoreObjects improves its business through continous education, training and experience
  • CoreObjects knows that its employees are its most valuable asset and encourages them to grow as individuals as well as technology professionals
  • CoreObjects rewards creativity and innovation - better products are built with better thinking.

    The Company's senior management team members have proven track records in the areas of technology and software development, strategic deployment of technology, business development, marketing, customer service, critical decision-making, as well as a deep understanding of the technology market

    Girish Venkat, Founder and CEO
    Nagendra Ramaswami, Co-Founder and SVP Technology


    People at CoreObjects are innovative, smart, hardworking, dedicated and from culturally diverse backgrounds. Their talents and vast experiences enhance the quality of our environment and make CoreObjects a great place to work. The work environment is fast-paced and positive. Everyone works as a team. The dress code is casual. The attitude is aggressive, and excellence is a way of life. We are focused on delivering the highest quality service to our customers. Our products are built with the customer in mind. We promote open communication at all levels. This approach is necessary in shaping our future.