Acting after due Consideration

Kural - 461
Expenditure, return, and profit of the deed
In time to come; weigh these- than to the act proceed.
Meaning : Let a man reflect on what will be lost, what will be acquired and (from these) what will be his ultimate gain, and (then, let him) act.
Kural - 462
With chosen friends deliberate; next use the private thought;
Then act. By those who thus proceed all works with ease are wrought.
Meaning : There is nothing too difficult to (be attained by) those who, before they act, reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider (the matter) with chosen friends.
Kural - 463
To risk one's all and lose, aiming at added gain,
Is rash affair, from which the wise abstain.
Meaning : Wise men will not, in the hopes of profit, undertake works that will consume their principal.
Kural - 464
A work of which the issue is not clear,
Begin not they reproachful scorn who fear.
Meaning : Those who fear reproach will not commence anything which has not been (thoroughly considered) and made clear to them.
Kural - 465
With plans not well matured to rise against your foe,
Is way to plant him out where he is sure to grow!
Meaning : One way to promote the prosperity of an enemy, is (for a king) to set out (to war) without having thoroughly weighed his ability (to cope with its chances).
Kural - 466
'Tis ruin if man do an unbefitting thing;
Fit things to leave undone will equal ruin bring.
Meaning : He will perish who does not what is not fit to do; and he also will perish who does not do what it is fit to do.
Kural - 467
Think, and then dare the deed! Who cry,
'Deed dared, we'll think,' disgraced shall be.
Meaning : Consider, and then undertake a matter; after having undertaken it, to say "We will consider," is folly.
Kural - 468
On no right system if man toil and strive,
Though many men assist, no work can thrive.
Meaning : The work, which is not done by suitable methods, will fail though many stand to uphold it.
Kural - 469
Though well the work be done, yet one mistake is made,
To habitudes of various men when no regard is paid.
Meaning : There are failures even in acting well, when it is done without knowing the various dispositions of men.
Kural - 470
Plan and perform no work that others may despise;
What misbeseems a king the world will not approve as wise.
Meaning : Let a man reflect, and do things which bring no reproach; the world will not approve, with him, of things which do not become of his position to adopt.