We at Elixir pride ourselves at being one of the premier HR consultancies, which strives to bring talents to the global competitive market environment. We help you shape your career to your desire and choice.

Elixir is promoted and managed by experienced professionals, with multidisciplinary skills and expertise and backed by a wide network of associates and consultants.


We have put together a very intuitive interface and is powered by a lightening fast search engine. The HR Division of Elixir works towards providing the Right Person for the Right Job. We try to find the right candidate by effectively mobilizing minimal resources. A continual up-gradation of its data bank and prompt response to client needs. Our client base spreads across industries and geographical specifications.

Our client base includes a host of very prestigious and globally renowned Fortune 500 companies.


We give you the best combination of customer service, industry experience and quality human resource for total solutions. We offer a varied spectrum of services under the Umbrella of Elixir

We are also consultants for HR functions such as:

  • Pay Roll
  • Compensation Survey
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Health & Welfare
  • Call Canter Training and recruitment
  • Out bound training programs
  • Campus recruitment's
  • Performance Appraisals

Though lots of efforts have gone in to build it an exclusive consultancy, we have plans for further expansion of its domain and make it a one-stop-shop for all the Jobs and Career related information and a household name.

Various email IDs have been created to ensure prompt and efficient service to our visitors and clients. Please ensure that you address your query to the correct ID to take benefit of the same. While all our staff would be willing to help you, addressing it to the right person would facilitate quicker response.



Value Addition RESEARCH - We at Elixir believe in adding value at every step of the recruitment process. Each and every aspect is well researched.

Value Addition REPORTING - We at Elixir would provide you with weekly reports on résumé's sent and feedback given/pending.

Highly Motivated and Dedicate team that takes pride in it works - This is one of the key reasons that we have grown from a one-man team to 25 consultants in 7 months.

Reduction of workload - We at Elixir strive to work at a hit rate of over 50 percent ( i.e. Profiles forwarded vis-à-vis people recruited)


Sense of urgency and commitment - a drive to complete the assignment with speed and accuracy to get the candidate that matches the client's needs.

Relationship management - a lead partner serves as your single point of contact, drawing on specialists who understand your industry, business and culture.

Well-defined search plan - including client and position description, candidate qualifications, key selection factors, salary and benefits, and career potential.

Rapid response database - our cutting-edge technology allows us to tap into a database containing senior-level executives around the world who are the leaders in your industry.


Focused candidate evaluation - including a comprehensive interview guide so all consultants working with the client can evaluate potential candidates against the same criteria, plus thorough verification of educational and professional qualifications, personal references, employment history and salary and benefits.

Strategic recruiting - helping you create a competitive employment offer consistent with your objectives.

High retention rate - three- and six-month follow-up contacts to make sure the candidate is successfully integrated into your organization.

Unmatched quality - gathering direct, written feedback from the candidate and client to help improve our ongoing partnership with you.