GlobalHunt India

Corporate Profile
GlobalHunt India is a leading professional executive search & selection firm, in terms of services offered, professional team, mandates handled and Industry specializations across the Asia-Pacific, US and Europe markets.



At GlobalHunt we believe in the ability of people. Understanding that a company's only real assets are those, which possess hearts and minds, we have learned that by uniting the right people with the right corporation we can help both achieve their full potential. We are not the first to have this idea, but we took it and shaped it in our own way.

The core strength of GlobalHunt is information and knowledge blended with the rich experience of its people who are experts in the industries they serve. The company's extensive state-of-the-art database contains cross-referenced resumes and contact names, all of which are constantly updated. We built our firm based on superior information, on industries and on executives, within the region. We achieved this through our rigorous research, networking, as well as the many senior executives that we are in touch for various ongoing assignments.



At GlobalHunt, we are aware that the task of identifying, attracting, developing and retaining the performing Human Capital is a critical concern of the organizations. In order to help organizations cope with this challenge we have developed competencies in different industry segments across the functions including Business and technologies understanding to motivate and retain this Intellectual Capital.

While carrying out the assignments, criticality of the position and its importance to the organization is our top concern & hence search is carried out from amongst the Best - In - Class professionals only.



We employ the most sophisticated information technology available to assist our team of consultants and associates to gather and systematically analyze information about industries and executives.


GlobalHunt recognizes that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring Practices and compensations norms. In order to provide Clients with specialized and value added recruiting solutions, GlobalHunt has developed industry expertise in the following practices:

  •  Board Search
  •  Technology & Telecom 
  •  Consumer
  •  Professional & Financial Services
  •  IT Enabled Services
  •  Life Sciences
  •  Engineering, Automotive & Process

Unique inventory of intellectual capital and up-to-the Minute knowledge.