Kural - 411
Wealth of wealth is wealth acquired be ear attent;
Wealth mid all wealth supremely excellent.
Meaning : Wealth (gained) by the ear is wealth of wealth; that wealth is the chief of all wealth.
Kural - 412
When 'tis no longer time the listening ear to feed
With trifling dole of food supply the body's need.
Meaning : When there is no food for the ear, give a little also to the stomach.
Kural - 413
Who feed their ear with learned teachings rare,
Are like the happy gods oblations rich who share.
Meaning : Those who in this world enjoy instruction which is the food of the ear, are equal to the Gods, who enjoy the food of the sacrifices.
Kural - 414
Though learning none hath he, yet let him hear alway:
In weakness this shall prove a staff and stay.
Meaning : Although a man be without learning, let him listen (to the teaching of the learned); that will be to him a staff in adversity.
Kural - 415
Like staff in hand of him in slippery ground who strays
Are words from mouth of those who walk in righteous ways.
Meaning : The words of the good are like a staff in a slippery place.
Kural - 416
Let each man good things learn, for e'en as he
Shall learn, he gains increase of perfect dignity.
Meaning : Let a man listen, never so little, to good (instruction), even that will bring him great dignity.
Kural - 417
Not e'en through inadvertence speak they foolish word,
With clear discerning mind who've learning's ample lessons heard.
Meaning : Not even when they have imperfectly understood (a matter), will those men speak foolishly, who have profoundly studied and diligently listened (to instruction).
Kural - 418
Where teaching hath not oped the learner's ear,
The man may listen, but he scarce can hear.
Meaning : The ear which has not been bored by instruction, although it hears, is deaf.
Kural - 419
'Tis hard for mouth to utter gentle, modest word,
When ears discourse of lore refined have never heard.
Meaning : It is a rare thing to find modesty, a reverend mouth- with those who have not received choice instruction.
Kural - 420
His mouth can taste, but ear no taste of joy can give!
What matter if he die, or prosperous live?
Meaning : What does it matter whether those men live or die, who can judge of tastes by the mouth, and not by the ear ?