Why do some of the world's largest corporations entrust their systems, networks, databases and applications in the hands of IPsoft?

IPsoft is the fastest growing infrastructure management company, with growth in excess of 300% for each of the last four consecutive years. IPsoft's strength lies in its unique industry leading brain-power of its experts. Unlike elsewhere in the industry, IPsoft has brought together leading technologists to service customer's needs. Where else would an employee run shoulders with the Chairman of Internet2 Committee, the co-chair of NYSERNET 2000, 11 independent patent holders and engineers recognized as distinguished technology drivers by Bell labs.


Such a combination of top guns creates an electric cross-pollination environment to work in, and serves as the genesis of leading technology, for which IPsoft has come to be revered in its short lifetime. This is the reason why some of the world's largest global 1000 companies, such as Pepsico, Knightridder, DuPont Dow, Cable & Wireless, Coldwell Banker, Macy*s, Pfizer and Footstar have entrusted their systems, network and database architecture in the hands of IPsoft. Today, 1 in every 40 Fortune 1000 company depends on IPsoft for its system and network management needs.


About IPsoft

IPsoft, formed in 1998, is a leading managed service provider, offering a converged solution to systems, network, database and applications management for its customers. IPsoft deploys, manages, secures, scales, and monitors e-business systems using its unique automation technology, which automates functions otherwise done manually; thereby delivering higher quality, cost savings, and increased flexibility. IPsoft manages its systems via a worldwide network of data centers and Network Operations Centers located in North America, Europe and India.

The IT Rocket Scientists of Tomorrow Begin With India's Finest Today


IPsoft believes in maintaining a dynamic and consistent work environment at all IPsoft global offices, to continually attract brains and preserve continuity of experience for engineers who move between different offices. IPsoft is headquartered at 17 State Street, New York, where a large contingent of IPsoft engineers reside. If you believe you are of rocket-science caliber and have the ambition to be a leading technology driver, an opportunity of a lifetime awaits you at IPsoft.