If your company is like many others today, you need far more than strategic insight from the vast amount of information you collect about your customers. You want to use that data to serve each customer as an individual -- intimately, knowledgeably, cost-effectively and securely. In short, you want the ability to treat each customer as your only customer. NCR technology and solutions are helping thousands of companies like yours do just that.


First, we enable companies the world over to touch millions of customers, millions of times each day. Whether these transactions and interactions take place across the counter, by telephone, at a kiosk or ATM machine, or over the Internet, NCR is there with hardware, software and solutions that make these interactions easier, more convenient and more relevant to your customers, while giving you and your company the tools you need to gather critical data about their individual preferences, needs and requirements.

Then we combine this unprecedented level of customer reach with powerful data warehousing solutions that help you use this information to better understand and serve each customer as a clearly defined market of one. NCR's data warehousing solutions can help you build new levels of brand loyalty and trust, and serve more customers in more ways than you ever thought possible.