Patni Computer Systems Limited

Patni Computer Systems Limited is India's sixth largest software company with revenues in excess of Rs. 740 crores. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Mumbai - India, Patni has registered a compounded annual growth rate of 45%, in the last five fiscal years. Patni has over 18 international offices spanning North & South America, Europe, S.East Asia, Australia.


Patni has over 2 decades of experience in the IT industry of which 14,000 person years have been in system and application development projects, across all major software platforms. Patni spends a significant part of its revenue in training, ensuring its employees are constantly updated on new technologies and skills.


Patni has significant expertise in the fields of Embedded Software Development, eBusiness and Enterprise Application solutions, GIS, Migration & Re-engineering, Enterprise Management & Maintenance and Business Process Outsourcing. The Manufacturing, Insurance, Finance & Banking, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality industries form the vertical focus areas for Patni.


Committed to quality, Patni adds value to client businesses through well-established and structured methodologies, tools and techniques backed by 6 Sigma processes. All Patni centres employing over 4500 consultants in India have been awarded the ISO 9001:2001 Certification. Patni has the unique distinction to be the largest company in the world which has all its development centres SEI CMM Level 5 as well as P-CMM Level 3 Assessed.