About SCT

SCT is a global information technology solutions company, currently serving more than 1,300 education and 200 energy & utilities clients worldwide.
SCT provides leading technology and business solutions for the education and utilities industries. Our technology solutions enable our clients to run their organizations effectively while improving their relationships with key constituents. SCT solutions allow clients to quickly achieve significant, measurable results.

SCT's vision and mission is to offer a full range of solutions that unify teaching, learning, and administration for all education communities around the world. Today, we fulfil our industry leadership role by delivering on this vision.


SCT offers choices to the higher education market in the form of two industry-dominating platforms-Oracle and Microsoft. And we are delivering the industry's first and only true solution architecture that expands the e-Education framework, encompassing both the business and technology needs of higher education. Our complete e-Education Infrastructure provides an unprecedented user-centric approach, built to the highest standards of excellence and offering personalized Web-based services and superior online experiences to students, faculty, staff, and other campus communities. SCT creates a seamless experience for all institutional constituencies where registration, research, assessment, financial services, portfolios, and other administrative, academic, personal, and community functions are intuitive and unified.


SCT is the only vendor delivering on this e-Education framework through real-time integration among disparate campus systems today, and we are looking beyond this to institutions' business and technology requirements for tomorrow.
But we are more than just an IT solutions company. We are a leader and an innovator in the markets we serve. We provide choices for our clients and demand excellence in all aspects of delivery to our clients. As leaders do, we're creating new ways to do business, enabling our clients to achieve results. The kind of results that make your customers and constituents stand up and say, "Now, that's a brilliant idea."


Why We're Different

SCT Software Solutions (India) provides start-to-finish software development exposure. Our people are in the thick of action, taking ownership for the entire design-development-delivery cycle.

We have a unique understanding of our domain - the higher-ed business - which gives us an edge in a lucrative market.

We work in cross-functional teams, constantly swapping and bouncing ideas. Flexibility and fluidity are part of the organizational culture.

We have evolved some of the best practices for an offshore product development model and in the process, created an organization capable of continuously delivering superior quality products.


We are small. We provide individual attention to each and every one of our employees. We tune into their dreams, we hear their voices, we remember their names, we recognize their faces. With us, you will always be visible and you will always create an impact.

We provide unmatched growth and responsibilities at an early stage in your career. Talented young people do extraordinary work with us.

We have a meritocratic culture which respects individual opinion, talent and accomplishments - not age, hierarchy and authority.

We provide a fast-paced, dynamic, happening work environment

On The Other Side of Work

We realize that there is more to life than just work.


On the other side of work, you will find what you want with us, from heavy mental challenges to sweaty physical workouts, there is something for everyone.

We have an open, informal and fun-filled environment.

We offer work timings in different slots - so that employees have the flexibility

Our community service cell has taken up causes such as anti-plastic Campaign and Sri Lankan refugee children.

We have a casual dress code.

Our culture reflects participation, fun and celebration - with something happening everyday of the week - Thank God Its Friday (TGIF), So What If Its Monday (SWIM), What's on Wednesday (WOW!).

Apart from birthday parties, cricket matches, treks, picnics and trips, Santa Claus has also been seen in our office! Not to mention music concerts by employees, network bridge and avid quizzing!


The Workspace

We have one of the most modern workspaces, which is a combination of technology, comfort, privacy and teamwork. Our state-of-the-art product development center has 23,000 sq. feet of space designed for 160 people - a higher than industry standard space-per-person. The world-class workstations are ergonomically designed for prevention of work-related fatigue and injuries.

The office is dotted with conference rooms of small and large sizes where our employees huddle together for quick brainstorms; informal gatherings, intense product-design and development related discussions and other team meetings.


There are lots of undefined workspaces for the young workforce to hang out and team up. The beautifully designed cafeteria can accommodate 70 people at a time and serves delicious and wholesome food.

The library provides quietude and the environment for learning and catching up on the reading. The training room provides all the facility, space and technology for classroom learning and discussions.