Shreyas Integrated Systems Private Limited


Shreyas Integrated Systems Private Limited was incorporated in 1995 as a partnership company and was later converted to a private limited company in 1996. The primary objective of the company was marketing of COMPAQ PCs, AST and UNISYS product range. Shreyas was also a distributor for FACT (accounting) software and Microsoft products.

The turnover of the company in the first year of operations was nearly INR 10 million and the company had a fairly large and prestigious client base.


The company was dormant for three years. The operations have been now revived and re-constituted with a new board of directors comprising of IT professionals who have a combined experience of more than 20 years. The Managing Director of the Company is Mr. K. Jayasimha, ex-Tata Infotech.

Shreyas(A Pvt Ltd Company), today offers placement services to a host of renowned software companies, across varied domains and technologies.Housed in a modern office with excellent infrastructure,we have a excellent team of professionals to cater to the demands of our customers Shreyas also has over 200 software professionals on its rolls who have been outsourced. Complementing this activity is a customised MIS and Payroll package. Shreyas has all mandatory and statutory registrations necessary for this activity.

Contact details:
Phones 080-6607177/8



Are you finding it difficult to come upon challenges and rewards you seek in your current position?

Do you want further develop your skills, and advance to the next level?

If yes, you can turn to us for assistance. Shreyas Integrated Systems offers challenging and rewarding full-time and contract positions to professionals with ongoing careers in the Information Technology Industry.
We specialize in the recruitment and placement of information technology professionals. We provide specialist recruitment services that focus on traditional and new economy IT skill sets.


We assist a growing number of global companies in recruiting the top technical talents for various positions throughout India. Our clients rely on cutting edge technologies and the latest information systems and demand world-class technologists. Shreyas Integrated Systems is committed to understand what our clients and applicants require in order to facilitate a match that is perfect.


To ensure that long-term objectives are met for both our clients and candidates, we meet our client's challenges concerning internal staffing requirements and are able to present the best opportunities to our candidates. We believe in forming strong partnerships and our obsession with the perfect fit ensures long and fulfilling relationships with the people with whom we work.
Technology is constantly changing, and our team is aware of the need to keep current with these changes. We continuously work at meeting your changing requirements for highly skilled technology professions. If you are looking to add people to your team on either a permanent or contract basis, we are well equipped to meet your demands.


As technologies continue to evolve, so too are we evolving at Shreyas Integrated Systems. For our candidates, opportunities abound. The number of positions we have available continues to grow nationally in contract and permanent positions. Whether your preference is to work in the world of finance, marketing, telecom or software development, we have opportunities to share with you.
To our client companies and to our candidates, our service is unparalleled. We are recognized for providing the highest levels of professionalism and for an outstanding commitment to listening to our clients and delivering effective solutions. We uphold a steadfast dedication to honesty, integrity and sound business practices.


Our staffs are team players that want to do the best for the people they work for ... YOU. They know that extraordinary service and results are the basis for the opportunity to earn your business in the future. All of us at Shreyas Integrated Systems appreciate your trust and welcome your feedback regarding the services of our firm.
Our processes, standards and methodology have been developed to serve the interests of both our candidates and clients. We are experts in matching our candidate's skills, interests and abilities with the client's business requirements. We are committed to our candidate's success!



Our top professionals with experience in the IT employment market. They will be the first to talk to the candidates, review candidate's resumes, requirements and wishes. They will discuss the position and your expectations. They will network with other Consultant Partners, constantly looking for candidates.

Quality Control

Our company policy is to provide high quality service to both, our candidates and our clients. We will ensure that we are dealing with the best people in the industry. Candidate's references and referrals will be checked according to our company standards. We will use online testing procedures where necessary to establish candidate's abilities and aptitudes.



Our Recruiters will prepare our candidates for the interview with the client. Candidate will be acquainted with client's requirements, environment and specific needs. We will help our candidates to project their skills and abilities, knowledge and experience during client's interview. Our proven process allows our candidates quickly get the right fit and satisfaction.

Our Policy

Shreyas Integrated Systems is devoted to confidentiality and integrity. We respect the candidate's personal disposition and believe Candidates success is our success. We will act in a discreet manner and in accordance with any restrictions the candidates might have on the sharing of his or her personal information. We are committed to integrity and will ensure that all information we provide is the factual. We will keep our promises and meet our obligations to you in a timely manner.



"What makes for successful outsourcing?"

Based on their analysis of reports from IDC, the Gartner Group, and other analyst firms involving over 1,000 companies of all sizes, the answers came out like this:


44% said "Selecting the right vendor"


40% said "A properly structured contract"


39% said "Understanding your company's goals and objectives"


38% said "Ongoing management of relationships"

Besides representing a ringing vindication of common sense and many of the principles and practices you've would have read on this subject, these numbers add up to some interesting further conclusions as well:



Choosing the right business partner is always a key ingredient in any business relationship, especially when that relationship entails the delegation of important tasks or functions to an outside firm or organization. Since that's what outsourcing is all about, this hopefully underscores the need to do your homework, to check references, and to understand the philosophy and mindset of your prospective partners before you sign on the dotted line.


Once you do sign on that line, it's absolutely essential to spell your relationship, expectations, deliverables, and contingencies in the contract you make with your partner. A well-designed, well-written contract not only protects you from potential loss or damages, it also expresses the requirements, practices, and procedures needed to make an outsourcing relationship work.


And of course, it's impossible to make outsourcing work without understanding your company's business goals and objectives, and how outsourcing fits into that overall view of business activity. Knowing what your organization needs and expects from its outsourcing relationships means that it also understands the big picture into which such relationships must fit.


Finally, it's impossible to delegate internal functions to outsiders without staying on top of the day-to-day execution of the contract and keeping that relationship alive and well. This means erring on the side of too much communication wherever possible. It also means examining processes, practices, procedures, deliverables, reporting and so forth on an ongoing basis to make sure the spirit of the relationship stays alive, while the letter of the relationship is honored. If you put some of your organization's eggs into somebody else's basket you must indeed watch and manage that basket very closely!


At Shreyas Integrated Systems, we not only understand and work to maximize these ingredients for your success, we also try to leverage our learning based on past experiences. This would equip you, as our client to concentrate on the aspects of an outsourcing relationship most likely to produce a positive outcome.

To us at Shreyas Integrated Systems, that's the real value we have been delivering to our clients -- they help to identify key areas of concern where your investments of time, effort, and resources will be most likely to produce the best returns!