Sify is India's pioneer & leader in Internet, Networking and e-Commerce services, and the first Indian Internet company to be listed on the Nasdaq National Market. We provide integrated end-to-end solutions for both corporates & consumers, with a range of products and services delivered over a common Internet backbone infrastructure.

Everything that we have done or achieved, since we began commercial operations in April 1998, stems from our Purpose and Vision. A key aspect is Sify being an enabler and catalyst of the Internet for positive change in India- a responsibility that we continue to carry.

Sify began by developing India's first TCP/IP network in the country and offering multiple services on this common backbone infrastructure for an integrated Internet, networking and eCommerce business model. This was the first such business model in the world, and appropriate for catalyzing the growth of the Internet and networking in an infrastructure starved market. It also enabled a virtuous cycle, where each business supported the other, while catalyzing the market to growth. For any single line of business would have been too small to sustain a company for long.

From the start of commercial operations in April 1998, we have become the market leader in most lines of business. Winning global recognition for its expertise, performance, customer focus and standards along the way. In doing this, Sify pioneered services and set standards for the Industry in diverse areas as listed below:

Corporate Networking Services


Sify pioneered corporate networking services in the country and helped revolutionize business computing in India, with interconnectivity between multi-location offices, flexibility of platforms, applications software and smooth transfer of data for corporates.

Network, Data center and Customer Care certified ISO 9001/2000

The company's Network services, Data Center Operations and Customer Relationship Management processes have been certified ISO 9001:2000. Sify is the first and only company to receive this certification. This certification comes as a validation of trust placed in the company by over 650 corporate customers, who run their business critical applications as diverse as SAP, BAAN, Oracle, CRM and ERP solutions on Sify's backbone network.


First World-Class Level 3 Hosting Centres in India

To enable world class hosting services in India, Sify commissioned the country's first Level 3 Internet Data Center of 20,000sq feet at the Vashi Infotech Park, Navi Mumbai in September 2000.Sify now has a second such center in Chennai, as well as distributed hosting in the main cities across the country.

The company was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Marketing Engineering Award for Business Development for 2001 in Data Center markets for its innovative approach to developing the market.

Today, Sify is the only company in the country to offer Disaster Recovery and Business Process Continuity between its two major Level 3 data centres in Vashi and Chennai. Sify also offers these services to overseas clients with the increasing availability of quality international bandwidth.

Consumer Services


Broadband connectivity for consumers

After successfully launching broadband connectivity services for corporate services, Sify launched broadband services for the residential segment using fixed wireless broadband technology- the first ISP in India to make available such a service to it's consumers. Sify, is now a leading provider of broadband services in India, both directly and through cable operators, and currently has over 12000 home users for the service.


Making the Internet available to the masses: cyber cafes

In keeping with its purpose of empowering Indians with the Internet, Sify launched the iWay chain of cyber cafes across many cities in India. This initiative is helping bridge the digital divide with an ever-increasing number of Indians accessing the Internet for information, communications and entertainment in a cost-effective manner. Many thousands of users from over 1500 iways across India use this service, with more planned as the demand for them increases. iWays have defined the standards for branded cyber café chains, with standardized, air-conditioned, well-designed interiors, with broadband connectivity and promoted as a branded service.


Sify Online: Consumer Internet Access

  • We pioneered the concept of 'Off-the-shelf, ready to use Internet connections' in a tamper-proof CD pack for consumers to benefit from the power of Internet. These packs had a host of value additions like email, virus control, multi-media training software that taught consumers to use the Internet, parental control and so on. These CD packs have now become the standard based on which all ISPs offer services.
  • Sify pioneered 24-hour customer support service for subscribers across the country- with access over the phone, email or chat. This service is the only ISO 9001/2000 certified support even today.
  • Sify's focus on the consumer, their wants & needs, continued with a focused brand launch that presented Internet access as a branded service for the first time in the country.
  • Connecting to the Internet was made simple, easy and fast through Intellidial- a unique dialer. The intelligent software guides the user with account information, renewal alert, auto recognition of user ids, a modem optimizer- making this the most advanced dialer for users.


Empowering consumers online

In addition to connecting consumers to the Internet, Sify's leading consumer portal, , provides them with tools and channels to improve the quality of their lives. This spans the basic communication and search tools including email, messaging, chat, greetings, a search engine to jobs, travel, online portfolio management, personal finance, shopping, interior decorating, cars, sports, the news and much more.

Today, not only is the portal used by thousands of people, it is earning Sify as much revenue as a good business magazine in India does.

Ensuring online security for eCommerce


To catalyze the growth of eCommerce in India by enabling secure online transactions, SafeScrypt, a company promoted by Sify, is offering online authentication and certification services in association with the world leader Verisign. Safescrypt is the first company in India to receive the Certifying Authority license for Digital Signatures from the controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Ministry of IT, Government of India.

Online education for corporates and consumers


Sify eLearning is a comprehensive eLearning Solutions provider. Sify eLearning brings world-class technology, tools and content services to customers both in India and abroad with tie-ups with world leaders. Sify eLearning's services are targeted at corporates, educational institutions and eLearning companies.

Sify was selected as a 'Superbrand' in India by an eminent panel of Marketers and Advertisers earlier this year. The selection was based on a brand's equity with consumers and not on market share or size. The criteria for Super Brand: 'A Superbrand offers consumers significant emotional and /or physical advantages over its competitors which consumers want, recognize and are willing to pay a premium for'. This places Sify amongst the ranks of some of the worlds best known brands, leave alone as a leading brand in India.