Introduction to SlashSupport

SlashSupport is a pure-play advanced technology support provider -- a niche player in the support industry due to its single-minded focus on enterprise and consumer technology products and services.


World leaders in the advanced technology space have entrusted SlashSupport with their support operations because we set exceptionally high standards for ourselves. Our mission statement of achieving 100% referenceable customers ensures that we are a natural choice for high-end technical support.


SlashSupport has gained expertise in supporting industry-standard enterprise technologies involving WebServers, Application Servers, e-Com Products, Software Distribution Products, Linux-based Virtual Machines, Level 4 and Level 5 Datacom Switches, high-end telecom products and Business Intelligence Tools.


The company has considerable footage in consumer technology as well, covering multiple OS, Networking Devices, Desktop Application Software, Infrastructure Management, and Remote Monitoring services.



About SlashSupport

Our expertise in providing technical support is built on the three pillars of SlashSupport - People, Knowledge and Assurance. We believe that our people are the deciding factor in delivering high-quality technical support. Over the years, our team has built an exclusive knowledge base from our undivided focus on technical support. When these people and their knowledge come together, our customers are assured of world-class service delivery.


SlashSupport, headquartered in San Jose, California, was incorporated in September 1999 as part of the Cybernet Software Systems (CSS) group with enterprise technology support as a core business offering and a staff of about 60 people. From then to now, the company has seen fast-track growth and has taken on a variety of enterprise and consumer technologies.


At SlashSupport, we recognize that the success of our operations is dependant on people who love to take on a challenge and thrive on their trouble-shooting abilities. We look out for people who are passionate about technology and have the will to excel. The culture at SlashSupport is one of open interaction culture and constant feedback. We believe in managing people to chart their own growth path and not in controlling them. Most of our managers have grown from within and have risen rapidly in the ranks.


SlashSupport is part of the CSS group that offers services for all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. The parent company, Cybernet Software Systems, is a software development company; Ready Test Go offers third party QA & Testing services and Synaptris handles product development.


Careers at SlashSupport

SlashSupport employees chart their growth paths across technologies within the company and across group companies as well. SlashSupport offers career options that encompass the spectrum of core technology platforms, ranging from technical support of high-end enterprise hardware and software applications, to welcome center and device support for the SOHO segment. Core technology areas at SlashSupport include:

  1. Networking
  2. Web-based technology
  3. Advanced data and voice technologies
  4. Java enterprise technologies
  5. Wireless and streaming media
  6. Linux and Open Source Software

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