Sun Microsystems

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision - "The Networks Is The Computer" - has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial strength hardware, software and services that makes the Net work. Sun Microsystems is truly a systems company. Sun can be found in more than 170 countries and on the World Wide Web at or our India website at

Sun Microsystems had a significant presence in India since 1987 through a distributor arrangement, but established a direct presence for the first time in 1995 as a liaison office. This office was finally converted into a wholly owned subsidiary on July 1, 1998. Already rated

number one in India in UNIX ® systems revenue and unit market share (IDC), Sun has been growing at twice the industry average for the last 3 years. Spread over 100 locations across India, Sun India and its partners are a 400-strong team that supports an installed base of more than 45,000 systems.


Sun has adopted a business model of working in partnership with key India partners to deliver all products and services such as hardware platforms, services, certification training etc. The company works with leading partners such as Wipro, Tata Infotech, CMC, Tech Pacific, Accell ICIM, HCL Infosystems, CDAC to deliver hardware products and services. Sun has a very strong relationship model with worldwide organizations like Oracle, SAP, PriceWaterHouse, KPMG and more to deliver the best of breed solutions and services to its customers.


The India Engineering Center (IEC) was established in May 1999 to enhance Sun engineering capabilities worldwide. IEC has been Sun's fastest growing Engineering facility, and is now the largest such site outside the US. IEC is also one of the Core Engineering Sites for Sun Microsystems. (A Sun Core Engineering Site has the potential to grow to become a full Sun engineering campus, equivalent to any other in the world. In addition, core sites have no restriction on the products or technologies that can be worked on.)

Range of work currently being done at IEC includes:



Design and implement the next generation high-performance debugger.

Architect and Design state of the art hardware diagnostics for the
complete range of high-end Enterprise Server products of Sun.



Set up and operate a global solutions hub in India, providing support to
customers using Knowledge Bases, moderated forums and other Online methods.



Validate parts of Sun's software portfolio for global readiness; be a global source of internationalization information for development and QA teams and for customers.

SunONE (formerly known as iPLANET)

Work on the entire gamut of iPlanet's Ecommerce product line, with development teams on the current and next generation products in the areas of - Application & Integration Services, Commerce Services, Communication plus Portal Services and Identity management Services.


Build and manage software applications to provide generic services, used as building blocks by many of Sun's internal applications.



Develop a tool kit - CTS which validates Java applications developed by third
parties against Sun's Java specifications (J2EE, and J2SE)

Participate in JDBC Technology development in a big way - delivered JDBC-ODBC
bridge, working on new JDBC technology / Java database areas

Work as a competence center for XML and related technology areas - developed a
XML parser as a joint development effort with apache open source

Test J2SE and J2ME on different technology platforms


Architect, design, develop, test and sustain Sun's Network Management Product
line including Solstice Enterprise Manager and SunNet Manager.



Provide global response to mission critical customers on Solaris OS and other
unbundled products by resolving product issues, while maintaining system
integrity, within a positive work environment.

People, Attitude and Life at Sun


Do you like challenges? How about being on the forefront of innovation? Or being around really smart people? And, oh yeah, do you like to have fun kicking the competition's butt?

The Sun experience is comparable to none. We are big on people, big on attitude and big on life. We empower, we innovate, and we have a strong sense of pride in everything we do.


People - The Sun team consists of a group of very diverse people. We come from all parts of the country and thrive on our differences and commonalities. We are intelligent, we have passion for life and work. We are results driven and share the same vision of an open network computing world. We know how to make the work day fun, from everyday friendly banter to the occasional practical joke. We know how to make a stressful day more bearable or make a good day great! It's our people that make the Sun experience unique.


Attitude : Sun is known for its attitude. We are good and we know it. We are not afraid to share it with the world. We kick butt and have a great time doing it. The team members at Sun are what bring the Sun attitude to life. We look for people who have an attitude of self confidence, have a passion for what they do, and are driven to succeed. At Sun, YOU are expected to challenge ideas, take risks, work autonomously, be very resourceful, embrace team work, think outside the box and understand the essence of quality products and processes. At Sun, YOU are in control of your career. YOU are in control of how much you bring to the table.


Life : While we hold high expectations and require a strong level of commitment and dedication from our Sun team, we have a deep understanding of the need for a healthy work/life balance. From flexible hours to flexible offices, it doesn't matter where or when you get your job done, just that you do it and do it well. As long as your manager supports it and your job allows it, you can adjust your hours and work remotely to accommodate your lifestyle. So whether you have a family to care for or hobbies to pursue, at Sun you can achieve both and have a great job as well.
At Sun, we are very relaxed when it comes to dress code. The only rule is that you must!

As you can see, one of Sun's most popular themes is to be flexible. We have such a dynamic atmosphere that continually evolves to stay ahead of the competition. This is a place where innovation, entrepreneurship, and out of the box creativity can thrive. It is a fast paced world that constantly challenges you and keeps on your toes. If you thrive in this type of atmosphere, then Sun is the place for you!

Picture yourself working at Sun and building a successful career? Why not investigate job opportunities that are available at Sun India?

Working at Sun is more than just a job, it's an experience.