TechSpan Inc

Company Profile

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, TechSpan Inc. is a privately held firm founded in 1998. TechSpan's infrastructure, people and technology imperatives were reinforced by venture investment led by Goldman Sachs and Walden International Investment Group.

TechSpan is a systems integration and consulting firm delivering business and IT solutions. TechSpan's collaborative solutions assist its clients and collaborative partners to address their critical business and IT issues to stay ahead of competition, government regulations and excessive costs. To achieve our client's objectives, TechSpan leverages its business experience, collaboration with many of the industry's leading IT vendors and Distributed ConsultingT architecture, harnessing its global resource capabilities.


Since inception, TechSpan has been named in the Sm@rtPartner's list of Sm@rt 100 companies for two consecutive years, moving six notches up from #74 to #68 in 2001. In another survey by a leading industry publication in India, Voice & Data, TechSpan is ranked the #1 e-business consulting company in India.

Focused Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise Application Enablement
  • Enterprise Information Portal Enablement
  • PeopleSoft Application Support
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Content Management
  • B2B Markets
  • Quality Assurance


Supporting the TechSpan practices is a portfolio of Application Management Services, which include: Application Development, Maintenance, Migration and Porting, Content Management and Internationalization.

Value Proposition

To enable its clients meet their business goals while delivering maximum positive ROI (return-on-investment) leveraging the cost effective solutions for our clients.

Market Discriminator


Since inception, TechSpan has successfully delivered consulting solutions to a cross-section of clients from fortune 500 to fortune 2000. TechSpan's innovative solutions are built on its experience in delivering innovative solutions in a time and cost effective manner. TechSpan has an impressive list of clients in the financial services, telecom, energy and utility, and IT industries.


c-commerce (collaborative e-commerce) provides TechSpan a framework to deliver consulting and systems integration solutions quickly to its clients. At the heart of c-commerce is TechSpan's Distributed Consulting Platform that provides a transparency into TechSpan projects and allows clients to be active participants in the delivery of their projects and ensuring time lines are met, and coordination and control are maintained.


Collaborative Partners

TechSpan's Collaborative Partner Program enhances its ability to deliver the most appropriate and efficient solution to its clients.

TechSpan has established collaborative partnerships with industry-leading consulting and technology firms across all of its practices. For example, within the B2B Markets Practice, TechSpan partners with firms such as Ariba, BEA, IBM, and Moai, and has successfully delivered End-2-End solutions around their products. Collaborating with its partners, TechSpan builds bridges, adapters, interfaces, and connectors to integrate and implement its Collaborative Partners' technologies with our clients' legacy systems, thereby increasing our partner's ability to deliver complete product solutions.


Distributed Consulting Distributed ConsultingT offers clients the best and the most efficient use of TechSpan's global resources through one or a combination of engagement modes:

Onsite: Delivery of TechSpan's solution at any of our client's sites

Offsite: Delivery of TechSpan's solution at our Centers of Excellence in Sunnyvale, California, and Fairfax, Virginia

Offshore: Solution teams offering a range of resource solutions at TechSpan's Center of Excellence in New Delhi, India