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Of all the modern day pleasures, one stands tall among all: shopping. Across countries, across cultures, across customers, across categories, shopping has become an experience to be enjoyed and is no more just a commercial transaction. The ambience, the service, the technology, the convenience, the offerings. just about everything has changed for the better in the last few decades, and there seems to be no sign of stopping or slowing down.


At Tesco, we're very proud to have contributed to this evolution in no small way.Tesco was founded in 1924, when T.E. Stockwell, a partner in a firm of tea suppliers, and Sir Jack Cohen came together. Today, 80 years later, we're the undisputed market leader in the United Kingdom's retail sector, with global business revenues of over £ 33 billion. We are today in an enviable position, with a Significant achievements to our credit.


+ Among the top five retailers in the world.
+ Europe's second largest retailer.
+ A brand leader in 5 countries.
+ Central Europe's largest hypermarket operator.
+ The world's most profitable on-line business.
+ UK's biggest private sector employer.
+ UK's largest e-grocer.


Tesco Hindustan Service Centre (Tesco HSC) is at the heart of Tesco's successful operations worldwide, by providing Tesco with all technical and customer care support.
Just one more step by one of the world's best names to take the retail experience a step further.



The Tesco Group has about 300,000 extremely dedicated employees across the world. The reason we've been able to attract only the best, and retain them, is the Tesco approach when it comes to people. This is based on mutual respect and trust, praise instead of criticism, sharing of knowledge, room for growth, and celebration of success.
Tesco's people commitment is best explained by the fact that four out of five of our employees are our customers as well. And the fact, that Tesco is one of UK's most socially aware and responsible companies, giving to the world at large as much as we derive out of it.

Tesco employees enjoy a people policy based on 'One Team Around the World.' We operate as one large family, governed by a set of values that have guided us over the years and played a key role in our success.

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Research Centre 2,
INDIA- 560 066.
Ph : 91-80-57588083
Fax: 91-80- 56664500

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