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Here is what some of our customers are saying about us

"It's not every day that you come across a recruitment/consulting company which understands Sun's needs and sends in good resumes. TVA understands the kind of work we do. This also reflects in the number of placements that are happening. The consultants at TVA have good relationship management skills!"
Smitashree Menon
Anish Singh
The Recruiting Team at Sun Microsystems


"It is a mental relief to work with them"
Senior member
Recruitment team
Oracle Corporation

"Highly responsive, understanding, fast, pro-active and dependable.with a terrific approach. Sure to take care of my needs and that too without any follow-up! A pleasure to work with, any time! TVA is very well networked. They have utmost care for their customers and that makes all the difference."
Sanjeev Rao
Ishoni Networks


"Oracle CareerLine gives us direct access to the industry's finest talent. It has resulted in a 100% increase in the number of offers that TVA has made with us in the last quarter"
Senior HR Manager
Oracle Corp

"TVA has always given us quality responses despite the urgency of the requirements and we are glad to have them help us recruit good quality manpower. We have been associated with TVA for a long time now, and we are pleased with their service."
Santanu Banduri
L&T Infotech Ltd


"TVA has a good understanding of the technologies we work on, and thus are able to send us the right resumes. An ability to "hunt" the right candidates also contributes to their high conversion ratios.
They have contributed significantly in building Unwiredsoft/Mobileum."

VP HR, Mobileum


Discover ITQ

The right people make life simpler for any organisation. We at TVA Infotech are dedicated to finding the perfect fits for key positions in information technology -from top to bottom, edge to edge.

Our customers (you'll find many familiar names on our list) feel our strength is in understanding technology, and in harnessing it to deliver greater value. We prefer saying that we have a high Information Technology Quotient (ITQ). This reflects in the unique ways in which we approach your task. In IT CareerLine, our toll-free career helpline that locates prime talent. In our customised information systems that ensure speed and precision. In our crack teams dedicated to relevant technology verticals. And in our own investments:

  • People - ongoing technology appreciation training
  • Systems - state-of-the-art internal MIS and
  • Knowledge - understanding the critical factors of selection, to improve hit rates as our relationship matures with the client


"A high ITQ means we understand your technology and business needs better; and get to the task quicker. Bringing in precise results, consistently. And in time, as our customer relationships reveal, we grow to be your partners, taking on the entire responsibility of the hiring process."
Gautam Sinha
CEO, TVA Infotech


While locating the perfect match, nothing is more critical than a constant access to prime talent. TVA Infotech's high ITQ provides a versatile solution: IT CareerLine, our own dedicated, toll-free career helpline.


IT CareerLine provides IT professionals a conduit for reliable information, and to pass on resumes. With its confidentiality and convenience, IT CareerLine keeps the right persons calling from all over India - 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Simultaneously, we build up a formidable bank of prime resumes. We also gain access to highly valuable, passive job-seekers, ensuring a consistent high quality of hire.

TVA's exclusive IT CareerLines for Oracle and Motorola serve as the companies' extended recruiting arms, projecting their brands directly to candidates, and bringing in quality resumes steadily.



When you need people, you need them fast. We need to understand your needs, locate suitable individuals, scan them for soft skills and other intangibles, and provide you a workable bunch of options - fast.

Here again, our ITQ comes to the rescue. With our feel for technology, we quickly tune in to your requirements. Our highly adept professional recruiters get to the task instantly, delving into their bank of high-value resumes and tracking the promising new ones that stream in.


A dedicated, trained group handles each vertical, based on technology platforms or domains (for instance, web/database/ERP). The experience and the talent that each group builds up adds to our speed of operation. Our custom-built MIS keeps brisk pace - from quick identification of the right resumes, through every activity that follows. IT CareerLine also contributes greatly to our speed of recruitment.


At TVA, there are no shortcuts. Everything has to measure up against tough yardsticks before being offered to you as a solution. This helps us nurture your trust and build long-term relationships.


With an unconventional working style, we empower team-members with freedom, responsibility and growth. A young, highly committed team (with zero attrition!) fosters a sense of ownership for each account. Bringing you quick, accurate results - and a responsible partnership that understands the larger picture.

Our recruiters constantly seek your feedback to fine-tune our service. Aided by our ITQ, we keep innovating with ingenious tools and technologies. Often, we take on a consultant's role, shouldering wider responsibilities and helping you focus on your core activity.


"Total freedom, a peppy environment, colleagues to share last night's dream with, a scribble wall to let out frustrations and a boss who drags us all out to pub hop...
The best thing about TVA is that there is constant change - for the better - and never a dull moment."

Cincy Alexander
Consultant Web/database/ERP, TVA Infotech


Rise above

With our IT industry focus and high ITQ, we at TVA provide an ideal recruitment partnership.
Bringing the Perfect Fit through minimal interview time, we believe, is key to IT recruiting.
Going beyond good placements, introducing a time-saving perspective and reducing the "per hour" time spent "per hire", we transcend your expectations consistently. On the basis of relationships thus built, we notched up a growth of 127% during 2001-'02 - the IT industry's worst recession.


TVA Infotech was founded in January 2000 by Gautam Sinha, an XLRI alumnus; and IIM Bangalore alumni Guhesh Ramanathan and G Prahlad Rao. The company is an associate of Team Value Associates, a group involved in psychometric profiling, HR consulting and e-support since 1996.

There are many routes to the perfect fit. At TVA, we urge you to take a different one. One that takes you far beyond all barriers.

Just call or e-mail us, and we will get talking.


"TVA provides opportunities for its people to think and work differently and with accountability. TVA benchmarks itself with the industry's best; but is not constrained by the limitations of its competition."
Suhas Nerurkar
CTO, TVA Infotech