When Kris Canekeratne together with a small team of co-founders established Virtusa (originally called
Technology Providers) in 1996, the goal was to provide engineers in South Asia an opportunity to explore the outer limits of emerging technologies by participating in the rapidly evolving US product development landscape. They leveraged knowledge sharing across geographies, explored new technology platforms and tapped into the potential of global collaboration, for building mission critical products. Success hinged on the time to market factor and the ability to empower leading software companies to accelerate their product development initiatives.


In a short period of time, Virtusa was able to achieve the ability to:

  • Attract some of the finest engineering talent in the world.
  • Build global processes to handle the rigors of product development (the most exacting form of software development).
  • Take advantage of engineering best-practices to de-risk software development.
  • Extend the workday to a 24-hour virtual cycle.


Virtusa's proprietary software execution framework, ,Distributed Innovation VelocityTM(DIV), institutionalizes engineering best-practices and takes global collaboration to a higher level of performance, virtualizing software execution from the shores of Boston, USA, to Sri Lanka and India, providing customers with competitive advantages -- the ability to compress time-to-market, eliminate risk, improve predictability and build products and applications more cost-effectively.


Emerging Technology Focus

From the outset, Virtusaís mission was to provide next generation technology and innovation services to its clients. The quest to push the technology envelope and to be at the forefront of industry trends while workingwith leading product developers and enterprise customers is what enthuses and motivates Virtusans, resulting in the companyís ability to attract and retain the best talent. Virtusaís exacting hiring standards ensure that Virtusans represent a select group of global high-performers with a deep and extensive knowledge of emerging technologies and business domains.


Value Proposition

Today, Virtusa is recognized as a technology thought leader, having amassed a wealth of emerging technology expertise that spans Retail, Telecom, Storage and Financial Services. The company has the ability to take advantage of its industry knowledge-base and best practices to deliver an unparalleled ROI to its customers. The company has successfully deployed 400+ product releases for over 100 product developers, forming the touchstone of its value proposition.


Virtusa has 100% customer satisfaction and referenceability. By raising the performance bar to what software services companies of the future will be measured by, Virtusaís value proposition provides clients technology risk mitigation and acceleration. Virtusaís ability to demonstrate clear ROI advantages in every phase of a client relationship makes it the partner of choice for clients seeking to create a competitive edge through technology solutions.

Virtusa's value proposition is based on the three layers forming the pyramid of excellence:
People Excellence, Process Excellence and Engineering Excellence.