Scholarship Details

Per academic year a number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available for IMRD students from third countries.

This is a scholarship for 4 semesters and consists of twenty (20) monthly instalments of 1600 euro and a yearly fee of 5000 euro that covers all administrative expenses, like subscription fees, insurances and administration.

Eligible beneficiaries are "third-country graduate student" defined as "national of a third country other than those from EU or EEA-EFTA States and candidate countries for accession to the European Union; who has already obtained a first higher education degree; who is not a resident of any of the Member States or the participating; who has not carried out his or her main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the Member States or the participating countries; and who has been accepted to register or is registered in an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course".

For the IMRD Course 2007-2009 the IMRD consortium was allocated 27 Erasmus Mundus scholarships. The IMRD consortium shall - without prejudice to the respect of high academic standards- respect the following basic criteria in order to ensure a geographical balance when selecting third-country students:

  • no more than 25% of the selected third-country students should come from the same country.
  • no more than 10% of the selected third-country students should come from the same institution (20% where a Partnership under Action 3 has been established).

Other Scholarship


The IMRD network is also actively searching for other scholarship opportunities.

Below you can find links to organisations where you can apply independently for a scholarship: