Fear of
(A - L)
Phobia Fear of
(M - Z)
accidents dystychiphobia machinery mechanophobia
ageing gerascophobia madness maniaphobia (see also insanity)
air sickness aeronausiphobia magic rhabdophobia (see also beaten, being)
air (fresh), draughts aerophobia (see also flying) making changes or moving trophophobia
alcohol methyphobia many things polyphobia
alcohol (drinking) dipsophobia marriage gamophobia
alone (being) or oneself or loneliness autophobia materialism hylephobia (see also woods)
amphibians, such a frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, etc batrachophobia meat carnophobia
amnesia amnesiophobia medicine (taking) pharmacophobia
animals zoophobia memories mnemophobia
animals (wild) agrizoophobia men androphobia
angry (becoming) angrophobia meningitis meningitophobia
animal skin, fur doraphobia menstruation menophobia
ants Pmyrmecophobia mercuruial medicines hydrargyophobia
asymmetrical things asymmetriphobia metal metallophobia
ataxia ataxiophobia meteors meteorophobia
atomic energy nucleomitophobia mice musophobia
atomic explosions atomosophobia microbes microbiophobia
attack scelerophobia mind psychophobia
auroral lights auroraphobia mirrors catoptrophobia
automobiles motorphobia missiles ballistrophobia (see also bullets)
bad mens, burglars scelerophibia mites, ticks acarophobia
bacteria bacillophobia mole rat (great) zemmiphobia
bald (becoming) phalacrophobia money (touching) chrematophobia
baldness peladophobia monsters (or giving birth to monster) teratophobia
bathing bathophobia (see also depth) moon selenophobia
beards pogonophobia mother-in-law pentheraphobia
beaten (being) rhabdophobia (see also magic) moths mottephobia
bed (going to) clinophobia motion or movement kinesophobia
bees apiphobia motor vehicles motophobia
beggars hobophobia mushroom (aversion to) mycophobia
bearing a deformed child or deformed people teratophobia music musicophobia
being evaluated negatively in social situations social phobia myths, stories and lying mythophobia
bicycles ornithophobia name (a particular name or word) onomatophobia
birds melanophobia narrowness anginaphobia
black (colour) scotomaphobia needles enetophobia
blindness in visual field cyclophobia needles, pins belonephobia
blood hemaphobia Negroes negrophobia
blushing erythrophobia (see also red) new things or ideas cenophobia or centophobia
body odour bromhidrosiphobia night noctiphobia
bogies or the bogeyman bogyphobia noise acoustiphobia
Bolsheviks Bolshephobia nosebleeds epistaxiophobia
books bibliophobia novelty, newness cainophobia
bound (being) or tied up merinthophobia nuclear weapons nucleomituphobia
brain disease meningitophobia numbers arithmophobia
bridges (crossing) gephyrophobia number 13 triskaidekaphobia
buildings (high) batophobia objects (large) megalophobia
bullets ballistophobia (see also missiles) objects (pointed) aichmophobia
bulls taurophobia objects (sacred) hierophobia
buried alive (being) taphephobia objects (small) tapinophobia
cancer carcinomophobia objects (at the right side of the body) dextrophobia
cats ailurophobia odour (one that has vile) autodysomophobia
Celts, Celtic Celtophobia old (growing) gerascophobia
cemeteries coimetrophobia old (people) gerontophobia
certain places topophobia (see also performing) open spaces, crowded public places like markets, leaving a safe place agoraphobia
challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation heresyphobia or hereiophobia opinions (others') allodoxaphobia
changes metathesiophobia opposite sex sexophobia
changes (making) tropophobia otters lutraphobia
chemicals or working with chemicals chemophobia outer space spacephobia
chickens alektorophobia overworking ponophobia
childbirth or pregnancy tocophobia pain algophobia
China, Chinese


paper papyrophobia
chins geniophobia parasites parasitophobia
choking or of being smothered pnigophobia parents-in-law soceraphobia
cholera cholerophobia peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth arachibutyrophobia
clocks chronomentrophobia pellagra pellagrophobia
clowns coulrophobia people anthropophobia (see also society)
church ecclesiophobia performing (stagefright) topophobia (see also places (certain))
coitus coitophobia

persons with amputations

cold cheimaphobia philosophy, philosophers philosophobia
colours chromophobia phobias phobophobia
comets cometophobia physical injury traumatophobia (see also war)
complex scientific or (Greek) terms Hellenologophobia pins, needles belonephobia
computers computerphobia places (certain) topophobia (see also performing)
constipation coprostasophobia places (steep) cremnophobia
contagious (being) tapinophobia plants botanophobia
cooking mageirocophobia pleasure hedonophobia
cosmic kosmikophobia poetry metrophobia
crossing streets agiophobia pointed objects aichmophobia
crowded rooms koinoniphobia poison or of being accidently poisoned toxiphobia
crowds demophobia poisons iophobia (see also rust)
crucifixes or crosses staurophobia poliomyelitis (contracting) poliosophobia
crystals or glass crystallophobia politicians or abnormal dislike politicophobia
dampness, liquids or moisture hygrophobia pope papaphobia
dancing chorophobia poverty peniaphobia
darkness nyctophobia precipices cremnophobia
dawn eosophobia progress prosophobia