110. Recognition of the Signs (of Mutual Love)

Chapter. 110.Recognition of the Signs (of Mutual Love)
Kural - 1091
A double witchery have glances of her liquid eye;
One glance is glance that brings me pain; the other heals again..
Meaning : There are two looks in the dyed eyes of this (fair one); one causes pain, and the other is the cure thereof.
Kural - 1092
The furtive glance, that gleams one instant bright,
Is more than half of love's supreme delight.
Meaning :A single stolen glance of her eyes is more than half the pleasure (of sexual embrace).
Kural - 1093
She looked, and looking drooped her head:
On springing shoot of love 'its water shed!.
Meaning : She has looked (at men) and stooped (her head); and that (sign) waters as it were (the corn of) our love..
Kural - 1094
I look on her: her eyes are on the ground the while:
I look away: she looks on me with timid smile.
Meaning : When I look, she looks down; when I do not, she looks and smiles gently.
Kural - 1095
She seemed to see me not; but yet the maid
Her love, by smiling side-long glance, betrayed.
Meaning : She not only avoids a direct look at me, but looks as it were with a half-closed eye and smiles..
Kural - 1096
Though with their lips affection they disown,
Yet, when they hate us not, 'tis quickly known
Meaning : Though they may speak harshly as if they were strangers, the words of the friendly are soon understood.
Kural - 1097
The slighting words that anger feign, while eyes their love reveal.
Are signs of those that love, but would their love conceal.
Meaning : Little words that are harsh and looks that are hateful are (but) the expressions of lovers who wish to act like strangers.
Kural - 1098
I gaze, the tender maid relents the while;
And, oh the matchless grace of that soft smile!
Meaning : When I look, the pitying maid looks in return and smiles gently; and that is a comforting sign for me.
Kural - 1099
The look indifferent, that would its love disguise,
Is only read aright by lovers' eyes.
Meaning : Both the lovers are capable of looking at each other in an ordinary way, as if they were perfect strangers.
Kural - 1100
When eye to answering eye reveals the tale of love,
All words that lips can say must useless prove.
Meaning : The words of the mouths are of no use whatever, when there is perfect agreement between the eyes (of lovers).