76. Way of Accumulating Wealth

Chapter. 76. Way of Accumulating Wealth
Kural - 751
Nothing exists save wealth, that can
Change man of nought to worthy man.
Meaning : Besides wealth there is nothing that can change people of no importance into those of (some) importance.
Kural - 752
Those who have nought all will despise;
All raise the wealthy to the skies.
Meaning : All despise the poor; (but) all praise the rich.
Kural - 753
Wealth, the lamp unfailing, speeds to every land,
Dispersing darkness at its lord's command.
Meaning : The imperishable light of wealth goes into regions desired (by its owner) and destroys the darkness (of enmity therein).
Kural - 754
Their wealth, who blameless means can use aright,
Is source of virtue and of choice delight.
Meaning : The wealth acquired with a knowledge of the proper means and without foul practices will yield virtue and happiness.
Kural - 755
Wealth gained by loss of love and grace,
Let man cast off from his embrace.
Meaning : (Kings) should rather avoid than seek the accumulation of wealth which does not flow in with mercy and love.
Kural - 756
Wealth that falls to him as heir, wealth from the kingdom's dues,
The spoils of slaughtered foes; these are the royal revenues.
Meaning : Unclaimed wealth, wealth acquired by taxes, and wealth (got) by conquest of foes are (all) the wealth of the king.
Kural - 757
'Tis love that kindliness as offspring bears:
And wealth as bounteous nurse the infant rears.
Meaning : The child mercy which is borne by love grows under the care of the rich nurse of wealth.
Kural - 758
As one to view the strife of elephants who takes his stand,
On hill he's climbed, is he who works with money in his hand.
Meaning : An undertaking of one who has wealth in one's hands is like viewing an elephant-fight from a hill-top.
Kural - 759
Make money! Foeman's insolence o'ergrown
To lop away no keener steel is known.
Meaning : Accumulate wealth; it will destroy the arrogance of (your) foes; there is no weapon sharper than it.
Kural - 760
Who plenteous store of glorious wealth have gained,
By them the other two are easily obtained.
Meaning : To those who have honestly acquired an abundance of riches, the other two, (virtue and pleasure) are things easy (of acquisition).