Educational System

France prides itself on its long-standing tradition of University education. The high-level of skill available in France reflects the efficiency of its education in academic, professional and technical fields and gives you enough reason to want to benefit from its educational opportunities in all fields of learning. It offers an extensive network of 87 universities. A wide range of course at various levels. Over 300 Competitive Universities (Grandes Ecoles) as well as research centres of international repute, all working together and exchanging ideas and information. Excellent faculty and curricula to meet all professional needs. A quality education system with internationally recognised degrees. Higher education in France is imparted through three main categories of institutions with varying objectives, structures and admission requirements. 



The minimum requirement for admission to any university course is the French higher secondary Certificate (baccalauréat) or an equivalent qualification. Universities offer theoretical practical and job-oriented courses and train students for research in all disciplines - humanities, social sciences, law, economics, management, natural sciences, medicine, pharmacology, technology, arts political sciences...).



These distinguished and Meritorious schools prepare students for specific goals in the fields of engineering or business management. 


There are large number of advanced centres offering specialisation in various other fields including, architecture, agriculture, public administration... Admission to all the above institutions is on merit and the number of enrolments are limited. For international students, admission is subject to the recognition of your qualifications by the concerned institution.