Study MBA

The French education system offers over 400 recognised degrees with regard to each management function. Students acquire the necessary knowledge to enter different careers such as auditing, financial management, accountancy, human resources management, finance, sales and marketing. Universities offer a large choice of professional, general and specialised courses covering all the relevant management functions and carry out high-level research projects in the field of management sciences. Business schools are close to companies and business establishments. After an initial selection process, these institutions train future high-level managers for trade and service industries.

A large network of institutions 50 management universities 27 Business Administration Institutes (IAE) 95 University Institutes of Technology 40 Business and Management Schools established in main French cities. Thanks to experienced and trained academics, French teaching methods are renowned for their high-academic standards in universities and business schools alike. Given their links with the business world, many courses include contributions from company directors and executives. Professional work placements allow students to put their knowledge into practice. Innovative teaching methods Institutions make extensive use of modern, innovative, interactive teaching methods and integrate new technologies including the use of internet.


Multiple exchange agreements and partnerships with the best foreign institutions give French programmes a strong multicultural identity. Degrees recognised by the French Government and accredited to international standards are delivered to students as a proof of their academic achievements, enabling them to carry on their studies overseas in other fields. The majority of Business schools are managed by either Chambers of Commerce and Industry or the private sector and offer a general, advanced three-year business course intended to train top business managers.

The admission procedure is based on a selective entrance exam taken after a two-year intensive preparation in special preparatory classes or after one or two years of university studies (this procedure mainly refers to foreign students). Schools develop close links with companies, and propose their own specific teaching methods which encompass business realities. MBA For graduate students or mid-career managers, Business schools offer specialised programmes, such as the Mastère in Business or Management or the MBA, characterised by high professional features. Most of these programmes are partly or even fully in English and meant for students looking for international careers.