Academic Requirement & Fees structure

Schools – Entry requirements can vary between schools in Australia, depending on the state or territory you will be studying in. Academic performance and ability is considered during the selection process. Fee for Primary and Secondary school a$6,000 to 30,000 a year.


Undergraduate –For undergraduate course you will need to have an Australia Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12), or the overseas equivalent. Some undergraduate courses may also have specific pre-requisite subjects. Fee for UG a$14,000 to 35,000 a year


Postgraduate – For PG you should have at least one degree at undergraduate level and they may take your research ability or relevant work experience into consideration. Fee for PG a$15,000 to 36,000 a year.


Vocational education and training – Generally there are no other entrance exams for VET institutions. However some courses may have specific pre-requisite subjects or work experience requirements. For this training you need to pay fee around A$5,000 to 20,000 a year.


Getting to start:

Education agents can help you to find and enrol in a course of study. Agents are used to help international students to make applications and apply for visas. If you decide to work through an education agent, ensure that you understand what services the agent will provide and anything that you are expected to do yourself.


Most do not charge for their service, as they collect a commission from your education provider. However, some agents do charge small amounts or offer additional services for which they charge. Ensure that you discuss fees and charges with your education agent before entering into any agreements. If you enrol in a course or a package of courses through an education agent, you may also choose to discuss the structure of the course in detail with the agent so that you are sure that it is right for you.



To get the student visa you should have a sufficient level of English language proficiency, and meet minimum academic requirements.


Australian Student Visa allows you to study and work in Australia for a period equal to the duration of your Course plus one month (28 days after the last day of class). You must be over 16 to require this visa. Note the application process may vary depending on your country of nationality.


Student Visa can be associated to:


The student visa is approved only if combined with an accredited course provided by some Australia’s schools. Visa is associated to the confirmation of enrollment (COE = Confirmation Of Enrolment), which identifies starting and ending date of the course.

You can combine multiple courses within the same visa, such as a language course and a vocational course. The minimum duration of a related visa course is 12 weeks, maximum is 50 weeks.


The cost of this visa is $ 535 Australian, payable with credit card directly on the Australian immigration website during your request.


There is no age limits for student visa and can be required several times. Student Visa can also be a good way to experience short duration study and work experiences without necessarily requesting a Working Holiday Visa, which is only once in a lifetime.


Streamlined Visa Processing

Streamlined visa processing (SVP) arrangements now allow for faster, easier visa access for international students applying to most universities and partner programs. If you lodge a student visa application with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral degree level program from a university or education provider participating in SVP, you will benefit from reduced evidentiary requirements and faster visa processing times, regardless of your country of origin.

However, you must meet requirements for English-language proficiency and financial capacity and will have to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant requirement.