Future Prospects

New Zealand education is a billion dollar industry now. The growth has been phenomenal over the past 5 years. Education now earns New Zealand as much foreign exchange as wool or butter or cheese, which have traditionally been New Zealand's strongest export commodities. The strong growth in expected to continue in years to come. New Zealand holds tremendous opportunities for students to ` staircase ' from secondary school to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This may be a more sensible and practical option for a number of Indian students.

With effect from March 2002, the New Zealand Ministry of Education introduced a new mandatory Code of Practice for ALL New Zealand education providers. Only institutions that become signatories to the Code of Practice will be allowed to enroll international students or continue existing enrolments.


India is acknowledged by New Zealand as a country with great potential and a superpower in the making. There is excellent scope for a number of collaborative alliances, joint research and innovative exchange programmes between New Zealand and Indian institutions evolving over the next few years. Hence New Zealand's educational institutions welcome contacts from Indian universities, research institutions and the private sector for sharing knowledge and expertise in areas where that country has developed expertise and skills such as horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, dairy and food technology etc.