Student Visa

To get a student visa you need to contact your local British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Complete the form carefully, and then submit it to your local British Embassy or High Commission along with the following:

Documents that are required for a student visa:

Completed visa application form (IM2A and IM2S) with two passport size photographs.
Valid passport (in original)
Visa Fee (non- refundable)
Letter of unconditional acceptance from a UK institution for a full time course
Proof of funding (ie bank statement, details of securities held, chartered accountant's certification, I Tax clearance, letter from sponsor etc.)
Attested copies of education certificates and English language test (IELTS) score sheet (if applicable)
Proof of accommodation in the UK

The application process is normally quick and straightforward. It often only takes 48 hours to process an application - and help is available when you fill in your form. If the visa office needs to interview you, this will normally be done within a week. Even if you do not need a visa, you will still have to show the UK immigration officer that you meet all the requirements for entry, so be sure to have all your paperwork in your hand luggage.

If you entered the UK as a tourist you will not be able to get your tourist visa changed to a student visa in Britain. You will have to leave the country, and re-apply for a student visa before re-entering.

Additional Regulations for international students (immigration, fees):

Address for the British Council:

Education Information Services,
Information Services Management,
The British Council,
10 Spring Gardens,
London SW1A 2BN

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