39. The Greatness of a King

Chapter. 39. The Greatness of a King
Kural - 381
An army, people, wealth, a minister, friends, fort: six things-
Who owns them all, a lion lives amid the kings.
Meaning : He who possesses these six things, an army, a people, wealth, ministers, friends and a fortress, is a lion among kings.
Kural - 382
Courage, a liberal hand, wisdom, and energy: these four
Are qualities a king adorn for evermore.
Meaning : Never to fail in these four things, fearlessness, liberality, wisdom, and energy, is the kingly character.
Kural - 383
A sleepless promptitude, knowledge, decision strong:
These three for aye to rulers of the land belong.
Meaning : These three things, viz., vigilance, learning, and bravery, should never be wanting in the ruler of a country.
Kural - 384
Kingship, in virtue failing not, all vice restrains,
In courage failing not, it honour's grace maintains.
Meaning : He is a king who, with manly modesty, swerves not from virtue, and refrains from vice.
Kural - 385
A king is he who treasure gains, stores up, defends,
And duly for his kingdom's weal expends.
Meaning : He is a king who is able to acquire (wealth), to lay it up, to guard, and to distribute it.
Kural - 386
Where king is easy of access, where no harsh word repels,
That land's high praises every subject swells.
Meaning : The whole world will exalt the country of the king who is easy of access, and who is free from harsh language.
Kural - 387
With pleasant speech, who gives and guards with powerful liberal hand,
He sees the world obedient all to his command.
Meaning : The world will praise and submit itself to the mind of the king who is able to give with affability, and to protect all who come to him.
Kural - 388
Who guards the realm and justice strict maintains,
That king as god o'er subject people reigns.
Meaning : That king, will be esteemed a God among men, who performs his own duties, and protects (his subjects).
Kural - 389
The king of worth, who can words bitter to his ear endure,
Beneath the shadow of his power the world abides secure.
Meaning : The whole world will dwell under the umbrella of the king, who can bear words that embitter the ear.
Kural - 390
Gifts, grace, right sceptre, care of people's weal;
These four a light of dreaded kings reveal.
Meaning : He is the light of kings who has there four things, beneficence, benevolence, rectitude, and care for his people.