41. Ignorance

Chapter. 41. Ignorance
Kural - 401
Like those at draughts would play without the chequered square,
Men void of ample lore would counsels of the learned share.
Meaning : To speak in an assembly (of the learned) without fullness of knowledge, is like playing at chess (on a board) without squares.
Kural - 402
Like those who doat on hoyden's undeveloped charms are they,
Of learning void, who eagerly their power of words display.
Meaning : The desire of the unlearned to speak (in an assembly), is like a woman without breasts desiring (the enjoyment of ) woman-hood.
Kural - 403
The blockheads, too, may men of worth appear,
If they can keep from speaking where the learned hear!
Meaning : The unlearned also are very excellent men, if they know how to keep silence before the learned.
Kural - 404
From blockheads' lips, when words of wisdom glibly flow,
The wise receive them not, though good they seem to show.
Meaning : Although the natural knowledge of an unlearned man may be very good, the wise will not accept for true knowledge.
Kural - 405
As worthless shows the worth of man unlearned,
When council meets, by words he speaks discerned.
Meaning : The self-conceit of an unlearned man will fade away, as soon as he speaks in an assembly (of the learned).
Kural - 406
'They are': so much is true of men untaught;
But, like a barren field, they yield us nought!
Meaning : The unlearned are like worthless barren land: all that can be said of them is, that they exist.
Kural - 407
Who lack the power of subtle, large, and penetrating sense,
Like puppet, decked with ornaments of clay, their beauty's vain pretence.
Meaning : The beauty and goodness of one who is destitute of knowledge by the study of great and exquisite works, is like (the beauty and goodness) of a painted earthen doll.
Kural - 408
To men unlearned, from fortune's favour greater-evil springs
Than poverty to men of goodly wisdom brings.
Meaning : Wealth, gained by the unlearned, will give more sorrow than the poverty which may come upon the learned.
Kural - 409
Lower are men unlearned, though noble be their race,
Than low-born men adorned with learning's grace.
Meaning : The unlearned, though born in a high caste, are not equal in dignity to the learned; though they may have been born in a low caste.
Kural - 410
Learning's irradiating grace who gain,
Others excel, as men the bestial train.
Meaning : As beasts by the side of men, so are other men by the side of those who are learned in celebrated works.