55. The Right Sceptre

Chapter. 55. The Right Sceptre
Search out, to no one favour show; with heart that justice loves
Consult, then act; this is the rule that right approves.
Meaning : To examine into (the crimes which may be committed), to show no favour (to any one), to desire to act with impartiality towards all, and to inflict (such punishments) as may be wisely resolved on, constitute rectitude.
Aarth looks up to ll eheav'n whence raindrops fall;
All subjects look to king that ruleth all.
Meaning : When there is rain, the living creation thrives; and so when the king rules justly, his subjects thrive.
Learning and virtue of the sages spring,
From all-controlling sceptre of the king.
Meaning : The sceptre of the king is the firm support of the Vedas of the Brahmin, and of all virtues therein described.
Whose heart embraces subjects all, lord over mighty land
Who rules, the world his feet embracing stands.
Meaning : The world will constantly embrace the feet of the great king who rules over his subjects with love.
Where king, who righteous laws regards, the sceptre wields,
There fall the showers, there rich abundance crowns the fields.
Meaning : Rain and plentiful crops will ever dwell together in the country of the king who sways his sceptre with justice.
Not lance gives kings the victory,
But sceptre swayed with equity.
Meaning : It is not the javelin that gives victory, but the king's sceptre, if it do no injustice.
The king all the whole realm of earth protects;
And justice guards the king who right respects.
Meaning : The king defends the whole world; and justice, when administered without defect, defends the king.
Hard of access, nought searching out, with partial hand
The king who rules, shall sink and perish from the land.
Meaning : The king who gives not facile audience (to those who approach him), and who does not examine and pass judgment (on their complaints), will perish in disgrace.
Abroad to guard, at home to punish, brings
No just reproach; 'tis work assigned to kings
Meaning : In guarding his subjects (against injury from others), and in preserving them himself; to punish crime is not a fault in a king, but a duty
' By punishment of death the cruel to restrain,
Is as when farmer frees from weeds the tender grain.
Meaning : For a king to punish criminals with death, is like pulling up the weeds in the green corn.