57. Absence of 'Terrorism'

Chapter. 57. Absence of 'Terrorism'
Kural - 561
Who punishes, investigation made in due degree,
So as to stay advance of crime, a king is he.
Meaning : He is a king who having equitably examined (any injustice which has been brought to his notice), suitably punishes it, so that it may not be again committed.
Kural - 562
For length of days with still increasing joys on Heav'n who call,
Should raise the rod with brow severe, but let it gently fall.
Meaning : Let the king, who desires that his prosperity may long remain, commence his preliminary enquires with strictness, and then punish with mildness.
Kural - 563
Where subjects dread of cruel wrongs endure,
Ruin to unjust king is swift and sure.
Meaning : The cruel-sceptred king, who acts so as to put his subjects in fear, will certainly and quickly come to ruin
Kural - 564
'Ah! cruel is our king', where subjects sadly say,
His age shall dwindle, swift his joy of life decay. .
Meaning :The king who is spoken of as cruel will quickly perish; his life becoming shortened.
Kural - 565
Whom subjects scarce may see, of harsh forbidding countenance;
His ample wealth shall waste, blasted by demon's glance.
Meaning : The great wealth of him who is difficult of access and possesses a sternness of countenance, is like that which has been obtained by a devil
Kural - 566
The tyrant, harsh in speach and hard of eye,
His ample joy, swift fading, soon shall die.
Meaning : The abundant wealth of the king whose words are harsh and whose looks are void of kindness, will instantly perish instead of abiding long, with him.
Kural - 567
Harsh words and punishments severe beyond the right,
Are file that wears away the monarch's conquering might.
Meaning :Severe words and excessive punishments will be a file to waste away a king's power for destroying (his enemies).
Kural - 568
Who leaves the work to those around, and thinks of it no more;
If he in wrathful mood reprove, his prosperous days are o'er!
Meaning :The prosperity of that king will waste away, who without reflecting (on his affairs himself), commits them to his ministers, and (when a failure occurs) gives way to anger, and rages against them
Kural - 569
Who builds no fort whence he may foe defy,
In time of war shall fear and swiftly die.
Meaning :The king who has not provided himself with a place of defence, will in times of war be seized with fear and quickly perish.
Kural - 570
Tyrants with fools their counsels share:
Earth can no heavier burthen bear!.
Meaning :The earth bears up no greater burden than ignorant men whom a cruel sceptre attaches to itself (as the ministers of its evil deeds).