63. Hopefulness in Trouble

Chapter. 63. Hopefulness in Trouble
Smile, with patient, hopeful heart, in troublous hour;
Meet and so vanquish grief; nothing hath equal power.
Meaning : If troubles come, laugh; there is nothing like that, to press upon and drive away sorrow.
Though sorrow, like a flood, comes rolling on,
When wise men's mind regards it,- it is gone.
Meaning : A flood of troubles will be overcome by the (courageous) thought which the minds of the wise will entertain, even in sorrow.
Who griefs confront with meek, ungrieving heart,
From them griefs, put to grief, depart.
Meaning : They give sorrow to sorrow, who in sorrow do not suffer sorrow.
Like bullock struggle on through each obstructed way;
From such an one will troubles, troubled, roll away.
Meaning : Troubles will vanish (i.e., will be troubled) before the man who (struggles against difficulties) as a buffalo (drawing a cart) through deep mire.
When griefs press on, but fail to crush the patient heart,
Then griefs defeated, put to grief, depart.
Meaning : The troubles of that man will be troubled (and disappear) who, however thickly they may come upon him, does not abandon (his purpose).
Who boasted not of wealth, nor gave it all their heart,
Will not bemoan the loss, when prosperous days depart.
Meaning : Will those men ever cry out in sorrow, "we are destitute" who, (in their prosperity), give not way to (undue desire) to keep their wealth.
Man's frame is sorrow's target', the noble mind reflects,
Nor meets with troubled mind the sorrows it expects.
Meaning : The great will not regard trouble as trouble, knowing that the body is the butt of trouble.
He seeks not joy, to sorrow man is born, he knows;
Such man will walk unharmed by touch of human woes.
Meaning : That man never experiences sorrow, who does not seek for pleasure, and who considers distress to be natural (to man).
Mid joys he yields not heart to joys' control.
Mid sorrows, sorrow cannot touch his soul.
Meaning : He does not suffer sorrow, in sorrow who does not look for pleasure in pleasure.
Who pain as pleasure takes, he shall acquire
The bliss to which his foes in vain aspire.
Meaning : The elevation, which even his enemies will esteem, will be gained by him, who regards pain as pleasure.