Company Secretary

Company Secretary is the conscience seeker of a company. The career course of Company Secretary is not only prestigious but is financially rewarding too.

This is because, in this position, one acts as the mediator between the company and its Board of Directors, government, shareholders and regulatory authorities. 

Eligibility:A candidate needs to clear 3 stages to qualify as Company Secretary and these are Foundation Course, Intermediate Course, Final Course. 

Scope in India :The role of a Company Secretary is so important to an organization or business house, since he is competent to provide sound advice on corporate, legal, secretarial, administrative and even tax related matters.

Scope Abroad: Although Company Secretaries are in great demand in India, in USA, UK and other western countries the profession or the professionals do not find tailor made opportunities. This is because the Company Secretary course is based on the Companies Act 1956, which has its roots in the Indian legal and political system and does not have much relevance outside India. A qualified Company Secretary may however find employment opportunities similar to those available to Business Graduates in either USA, Australia UK or other European countries.

  Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College
  Ethiraj College for Women
  Bharathidasan Government College For Women (Autonomous)
  Kongu Arts and Science College
  Badruka Institute of Professional Studies
  The Institute Of CompanySecretaries Of India