10. The Utterance of Pleasant Words

Chapter. 10. The Utterance of Pleasant Words
Pleasant words are words with all pervading love that burn;
Words from his guileless mouth who can the very truth discern.
Meaning : Sweet words are those which imbued with love and free from deceit flow from the mouth of the virtuous.
A pleasant word with beaming smile,s preferred,
Even to gifts with liberal heart conferred.
Meaning : Sweet speech, with a cheerful countenance is better than a gift made with a joyous mind.
With brightly beaming smile, and kindly light of loving eye,
And heart sincere, to utter pleasant words is charity.
Meaning : Sweet speech, flowing from the heart (uttered) with a cheerful countenance and a sweet look, is true virtue.
The men of pleasant speech that gladness breathe around,
Through indigence shall never sorrow's prey be found.
Meaning : Sorrow-increasing poverty shall not come upon those who use towards all, pleasure-increasing sweetness of speech.
Humility with pleasant speech to man on earth,
Is choice adornment; all besides is nothing worth.
Meaning : Humility and sweetness of speech are the ornaments of man; all others are not (ornaments).
Who seeks out good, words from his lips of sweetness flow;
In him the power of vice declines, and virtues grow.
Meaning : If a man, while seeking to speak usefully, speaks also sweetly, his sins will diminish and his virtue increase.
The words of sterling sense, to rule of right that strict adhere,
To virtuous action prompting, blessings yield in every sphere.
Meaning : That speech which, while imparting benefits ceases not to please, will yield righteousness (for this world) and merit (for the next world).
Sweet kindly words, from meanness free, delight of heart,
In world to come and in this world impart.
Meaning : Sweet speech, free from harm to others, will give pleasure both in this world and in the next.
Who sees the pleasure kindly speech affords,
Why makes he use of harsh, repellant words?
Meaning : Why does he use harsh words, who sees the pleasure which sweet speech yields ?
When pleasant words are easy, bitter words to use,
Is, leaving sweet ripe fruit, the sour unripe to choose.
Meaning : To say disagreeable things when agreeable are at hand is like eating unripe fruit when there is ripe.