29. The Absence of Fraud

Chapter. 29. The Absence of Fraud
Kural - 281
Who seeks heaven's joys, from impious levity secure,
Let him from every fraud preserve his spirit pure.
Meaning : Let him, who desires not to be despised, keep his mind from (the desire of) defrauding another of the smallest thing.
Kural - 282
'Tis sin if in the mind man but thought conceive;
'By fraud I will my neighbour of his wealth bereave.'
Meaning : Even the thought (of sin) is sin; think not then of crafiily stealing the property of another.
Kural - 283
The gain that comes by fraud, although it seems to grow
With limitless increase, to ruin swift shall go.
Meaning : The property, which is acquired by fraud, will entirely perish, even while it seems to increase.
Kural - 284
The lust inveterate of fraudful gain,
Yields as its fruit undying pain.
Meaning : The eager desire of defrauding others will, when it brings forth its fruit, produce undying sorrow.
Kural - 285
'Grace' is not in their thoughts, nor know they kind affection's power,
Who neighbour's goods desire, and watch for his unguarded hour.
Meaning : The study of kindness and the exercise of benevolence is not with those who watch for another's forgetfulness, though desire of his property.
Kural - 286
They cannot walk restrained in wisdom's measured bound,
In whom inveterate lust of fraudful gain is found.
Meaning : They cannot walk steadfastly, according to rule, who eagerly desire to defraud others.
Kural - 287
Practice of fraud's dark cunning arts they shun,
Who long for power by 'measured wisdom' won.
Meaning : That black-knowledge which is called fraud, is not in those who desire that greatness which is called rectitude.
Kural - 288
As virtue dwells in heart that 'measured wisdom' gains;
Deceit in hearts of fraudful men established reigns.
Meaning : Deceit dwells in the mind of those who are conversant with fraud, even as virtue in the minds of those who are conversant with rectitude.
Kural - 289
Who have no lore save that which fraudful arts supply,
Acts of unmeasured vice committing straightway die.
Meaning : Those, who are acquainted with nothing but fraud, will perish in the very commission of transgression.
Kural - 290
The fraudful forfeit life and being here below;
Who fraud eschew the bliss of heavenly beings know.
Meaning : Even their body will fail the fraudulent; but even the world of the gods will not fail those who are free from fraud.