17. Not Envying

Chapter. 17. Not Envying
As 'strict decorum's' laws, that all men bind,
Let each regard unenvying grace of mind.
Meaning : Let a man esteem that disposition which is free from envy in the same manner as propriety of conduct.
If man can learn to envy none on earth,
'Tis richest gift, -beyond compare its worth.
Meaning : Amongst all attainable excellences there is none equal to that of being free from envy towords others.
Nor wealth nor virtue does that man desire 'tis plain,
Whom others' wealth delights not, feeling envious pain.
Meaning : Of him who instead of rejoicing in the wealth of others, envies it, it will be said "he neither desires virtue not wealth."
The wise through envy break not virtue's laws,
Knowing ill-deeds of foul disgrace the cause.
Meaning : (The wise) knowing the misery that comes from transgression will not through envy commit unrighteous deeds.
Envy they have within! Enough to seat their fate!
Though foemen fail, envy can ruin consummate.
Meaning : To those who cherish envy that is enough. Though free from enemies that (envy) will bring destruction.
Who scans good gifts to others given with envious eye,
His kin, with none to clothe or feed them, surely die.
Meaning : He who is envious at a gift (made to another) will with his relations utterly perish destitute of food and rainment.
From envious man good fortune's goddess turns away,
Grudging him good, and points him out misfortune's prey.
Meaning : Lakshmi envying (the prosperity) of the envious man will depart and introduce him to her sister.
Envy, embodied ill, incomparable bane,
Good fortune slays, and soul consigns to fiery pain.
Meaning : Envy will destroy (a man's) wealth (in his world) and drive him into the pit of fire (in the world to come.)
To men of envious heart, when comes increase of joy,
Or loss to blameless men, the 'why' will thoughtful hearts employ.
Meaning : The wealth of a man of envious mind and the poverty of the righteous will be pondered.
No envious men to large and full felicity attain;
No men from envy free have failed a sure increase to gain.
Meaning : Never have the envious become great; never have those who are free from envy been without greatness.