36. Knowledge of the True

Chapter. 36. Knowledge of the True
Kural - 351
Of things devoid of truth as real things men deem;-
Cause of degraded birth the fond delusive dream!
Meaning : Inglorious births are produced by the confusion (of mind) which considers those things to be real which are not real.
Kural - 352
Darkness departs, and rapture springs to men who see,
The mystic vision pure, from all delusion free.
Meaning : A clear, undimmed vision of things will deliver its possessors from the darkness of future births, and confer the felicity (of heaven).
Kural - 353
When doubts disperse, and mists of error roll
Away, nearer is heav'n than earth to sage's soul.
Meaning : Heaven is nearer than earth to those men of purified minds who are freed from from doubt.
Kural - 354
Five-fold perception gained, what benefits accrue
To them whose spirits lack perception of the true?
Meaning : Even those who have all the knowledge which can be attained by the five senses, will derive no benefit from it, if they are without a knowledge of the true nature of things.
Kural - 355
Whatever thing, of whatsoever kind it be,
'Tis wisdom's part in each the very thing to see.
Meaning : (True) knowledge is the perception concerning every thing of whatever kind, that that thing is the true thing.
Kural - 356
Who learn, and here the knowledge of the true obtain,
Shall find the path that hither cometh not again.
Meaning : They, who in this birth have learned to know the True Being, enter the road which returns not into this world.
Kural - 357
The mind that knows with certitude what is, and ponders well,
Its thoughts on birth again to other life need not to dwell.
Meaning : Let it not be thought that there is another birth for him whose mind having thoroughly considered (all it has been taught) has known the True Being.
Kural - 358
When folly, cause of births, departs; and soul can view
The truth of things, man's dignity- 'tis wisdom true.
Meaning : True knowledge consists in the removal of ignorance; which is (the cause of) births, and the perception of the True Being who is (the bestower of) heaven.
Kural - 359
The true 'support' who knows- rejects 'supports' he sought before-
Sorrow that clings all destroys, shall cling to him no more.
Meaning : He who so lives as to know Him who is the support of all things and abandon all desire, will be freed from the evils which would otherwise cleave to him and destroy (his efforts after absorption).
Kural - 360
When lust and wrath and error's triple tyranny is o'er,
Their very names for aye extinct, then pain shall be no more.
Meaning : If the very names of these three things, desire, anger, and confusion of mind, be destroyed, then will also perish the evils (which flow from them).