35. Renunciation

Chapter. 35. Renunciation
Kural - 341
From whatever, aye, whatever, man gets free,
From what, aye, from that, no more of pain hath he!
Meaning : Whatever thing, a man has renounced, by that thing; he cannot suffer pain.
Kural - 342
'Renunciation' made- ev'n here true pleasures men acquire;
'Renounce' while time is yet, if to those pleasures you aspire.
Meaning : After a man has renounced (all things), there will still be many things in this world (which he may enjoy); if he should desire them, let him, while it is time abandon. (the world).
Kural - 343
'Perceptions of the five' must all expire;-
Relinquished in its order each desire
Meaning : Let the five senses be destroyed; and at the same time, let everything be abandoned that (the ascetic) has (formerly) desired.
Kural - 344
'Privation absolute' is penance true;
'Possession' brings bewilderment anew.
Meaning : To be altogether destitute is the proper condition of those who perform austerities; if they possess anything, it will change (their resolution) and bring them back to their confused state.
Kural - 345
To those who sev'rance seek from being's varied strife,
Flesh is burthen sore; what then other bonds of life?
Meaning : What means the addition of other things those who are attempting to cut off (future) births, when even their body is too much (for them).
Kural - 346
Who kills conceit that utters 'I' and 'mine',
Shall enter realms above the powers divine.
Meaning : He who destroys the pride which says "I", "mine" will enter a world which is difficult even to the Gods to attain.
Kural - 347
Who cling to things that cling and eager clasp,
Griefs cling to them with unrelaxing grasp.
Meaning : Sorrows will never let go their hold of those who give not up their hold of desire.
Kural - 348
Who thoroughly 'renounce' on highest height are set;
The rest bewildered, lie entangled in the net.
Meaning : Those who have entirely renounced (all things and all desire) have obtained (absorption into God); all others wander in confusion, entangled in the net of (many) births.
Kural - 349
When that which clings falls off, severed is being's tie;
All else will then be seen as instability.
Meaning : At the moment in which desire has been abandoned, (other) births will be cut off; when that has not been done, instability will be seen.
Kural - 350
Cling thou to that which He, to Whom nought clings, hath bid thee cling,
Cling to that bond, to get thee free from every clinging thing.
Meaning : Desire the desire of Him who is without desire; in order to renounce desire, desire that desire.